Friday, January 29, 2016

5 Random Thoughts for Friday

Here are some random pictures for you and a few things about them. 

1. J went on a field trip last week to Krispy Kreme. She's not a big sweets person, but she was so nice to bring me home a donut to share with M. I enjoyed every bite of my half. I'm pretty sure M did too.

2. We spent the night at my grandparent's cabin this weekend. We had so much snow and the girls loved every second of it. It was so nice to get out for a little over nighter and play most of the day with the whole family. 

3. This also happened this weekend. We told J that if she stayed in her own bed every night for a month, we could get bunk beds. She did it. So we had my mother in law watch the girls for a few hours while we set them up and grabbed some dinner. When we got home, the girls were so excited. They have slept a lot better too, since switching them from toddler beds. 

4. Has anyone ever seen this show (Marsha and the Bear)?  They are short little shows, but they are funny. I can totally relate to the bear when it comes to motherhood. We love our kids, but somedays they drive us completely nuts. If you have kids and haven't seen it, I highly suggest it. 

5. Last, but not least, Look what finally came! It looks a little bit funny when you wear it on the outside of your clothes. And you can choose which ever way is most comfortable for you. But this running belt made so much of a difference in running. And it was really affordable. You can find it HERE.  The other great thing about this belt is that you can use it all day long if you need to, not just for exercise. I'll be running a lot more now that I have it. 

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Any random thoughts today?

Favorite kid shows?

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

At Home Workout

Last week I had a really off week when it comes to healthy habits. It started out by eating a whole pan of brownies by myself. After that I felt really crappy the next day. I couldn't run because I didn't have a running belt. So, on Thursday, while J was at school and M was napping, I decided I'd better do something about the whole thing. It'd been since Monday since I'd done any kind of exercise.

I couldn't go to the gym and I couldn't go run, so I got dressed and did these things that anyone can do at home for a quick work out.

I warmed up with jumping jacks, and then stretched a little.

Next I did a 3 minute hover squat. This is one of my favorite ways to work my lower body. 

Then I did 10 push-ups. I modify these half the time because my shoulders are one of the weakest muscles on my body and, even though at one point I could do 100 full push-ups, now it's hard for me to do more than 20 modified push ups. Baby steps to get back though.

 To get my heart rate back up, I did what I like to call a stair set.  There are so many different things you can do with stairs for an at home work out. For this stair set, I did plyo lunges on the first step.

Then I did walking lunges across the length of our living room, followed by another set of push-ups.

For more cardio, I did some mountain climbers. I can't tell you guys how much I hate mountain climbers and burpees.

To work on the shoulder strength I was talking about earlier, I did arm circles. Once set circling forward, a set back and then holding them isometric (not moving them at all).

There isn't a whole lot of options for working out your back when you don't have equipment at home. Or at least I have a hard time thinking of back exercises for at home work outs. So I did a bridge for 3 minutes to work my hamstrings, glutes, and lower back. I went from holding the bridge, to pulsing, to full movement. 

Another round of stair sets for carido. This time turning jump squats with one foot on the step. This one was a little hard to get pictures of since it was such a tiny space to do these. But it worked. 

I finished the stair part of this work out with lunges. Then I finished the work out by holding a plank. It was only a 30 minute workout, which is perfect for the amount of time I had before needed to go pick J up from school. It helped me feel way better about things after those brownies. And I was a much happier mom when I was done with it. It's amazing how much better my day goes after a work out. 

What is your favorite way to get a little workout in at home?

What gives you a little boost during the day?

Monday, January 25, 2016

Fried Eggs and Selfies

Here's a little recap of the rest of what our week looked like.

Mornings started out a little like this. M asked for either eggs or pancakes every day this week. It's a good thing, because even though I felt a little lazy about making the food and cleaning the mess, it got me to eat a little healthier too. Fried eggs sounded good to me more than scrambled lately too.

Just so I'm not fooling anyone into thinking I've been all healthy and stuff, I ate a whole pan of brownies the rest of the day after these eggs. Chocolate is a huge weakness right now. 

 I've been finding a lot of selfies of M on my phone lately. She's figured the camera out and now if my phone isn't in my pocket this is what I find. She's pretty cute though, so I don't mind too much.

 The girls have been playing really well together for the most part. Lately they like to play with the baby dolls and pretend to feed them and put them to sleep. It would be great if they keep thinking it's so fun when baby brother comes, and he cries for real.

While the girls play, it gives me a little time to work on this quilt. I got it when I found out I was pregnant with J but after finding out it was a girl, I started working on a cute quilt I made out of my grandma's old clothes. So now I'm finishing it up. 

What have you been up to this week?

Any unfinished projects you need to be finishing?

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Making Snowmen and Working On Running While Pregnant

We got more snow last week. The kids were pretty excited about it. So we played in it for a while. 

There wasn't much of it, but the girls really wanted to try sledding. It didn't go so well, so M just spent most of the time eating the snow while J and I worked on this snowman.  He looks a little dirty because there was almost as many leaves as snow on the ground.  We didn't have a carrot for the nose or coal, so we substituted those with pine cone eyes, a leaf mouth and bark buttons. The girls were proud of it even if he did look messy.  (It did turn out much better than our first one).

After coming inside and getting warmed up and lunch in our bellies, we had some quiet time. I fell asleep on the couch and woke up to the girls playing with stamps. I had mixed feelings about that. I was really happy to see them playing together with out fighting, even though I was asleep. But I was a little nervous about the fact that the stamps were out on my carpet and two little girls were taking charge of them. It all turned out ok though. 

One night last week I went running. I really wanted a whole chocolate cake to myself, but I knew that wouldn't work out well. So I went running and made it two miles! 

One important thing to remember when you're pregnant and running is that it's normal to not pull the same numbers as you did when you're not pregnant.  At this point I'm working my milage back up to 3 miles, and I know that my time is just not going to be near what I can do when I'm not pregnant. It's ok. It's important to listen to your body and take things a little slower and easier during pregnancy.  For me, that means that I don't run as far, as often or as fast as normal.  

It's also important to remember that it will all come back once the baby comes and I get the ok to run again. If you're in the same situation right now, where you're not going as far, fast or as often, remember to be patient with yourself and do what's right for your body right now. 

I sent my running belt back, that I got for Christmas. It just wasn't working the right way for me. So I ordered a different one and it will hopefully be here soon so I can try it out. If it goes well, I hope to up my running from once a week to 2-3 times a week, but as I stated before, listen to your body. So we will see. 

Anyone else have to give themselves pep-talks about listening to your body?

What do you do when your sweet cravings are a little out of control?

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Our Current Phase

This week is only half over and I thought that Tuesday was Thursday all day long. We are missing the warm around here lately.  You can tell by the amount of mess, arguing and crying that has been happening at our house.

On Monday I woke up early for my work out. It's getting harder to wake up for those lately, but I know that when I do get up, I'll be much more productive and happier afterwords.

This picture actually makes me look much bigger than I am. But it shows how big I feel so far. I've reminded myself over and over that I'm not that big. I'm still wearing normal jeans, and I'm just barely working my way into maternity shirts.  

We had a good work out and we were productive on Monday. But Tuesday came next. J was upset from the second she rolled out of bed. She just had a hard day. I felt bad for the girl, but she was in time out several times that day.  She had school, which she usually comes home happy from, but Tuesday she came home mad and tired. I put a movie on and let her go to sleep. But by dinner time she was back at it. Crying hard enough to throw up (this is something she has done since she was a newborn).  So I loaded M up in the car to go to my sister's birthday party while Trevon stayed and gave J a bath.  Turns out she let him know that some things were happening at school that made her upset.  After hearing about it and worrying about it for several hours, I decided that if I continued to get that kind of report from her, then I'd worry about it. Sometimes kids can just be mean and other times they can be bullies. 

We've played a lot of games like this 

And this lately

Luckily they play really nice together most of the time. But lately when it's time to clean up, the crying, feet stomping, toy throwing fits start. And I'm at my whits end with it. I started to pull out the time out box. All the toys that don't get put right away when it's time to clean, get put in there and they have to earn them back. Sometimes this works, and other times it just makes them more mad. 

I noticed a little pattern in J today, while I was reading my old journal.  Last time I was pregnant, she started acting the same way as she is now.  After reading it, I had a couple of thoughts.  

1. It's a phase, it will pass.
2. Why?
3. What can I do to help her?

These are questions I'll be working on for a while. And while we are in this phase, I'm eagerly waiting to see this in my back yard. 

Because when spring comes, I feel like I can breathe again. Outside play, running, warm walks, getting out. That's what I'm looking forward to.

What is your current phase?

What helps you get through the last few months of winter?

Friday, January 8, 2016

Five on Friday

It's been a while since I joined in on a Five for Friday post. So here are five things for you today.

1. These prenatal vitamins are huge.  I couldn't find the ones I normally get so I thought that I'd just try a new kind.  Nope. Why would they even make them this big. The one I'm holding is an INCH long! I just don't understand.  The people taking these pills are already nauseous and gag easy, now you want them to take a horse pill? Again, nope. I eventually found my old ones which are about half the size of these. Thank heaven!

2. I went running for the first time in quite a while. I only made it a mile, but at least it was something. I'll be working on more milage once I get a different running belt. The one I have just isn't working right.

3.  If you've never tried this pancake mix, you need to. I bet everyone has because I've seen it around. Our neighbors who moved recently gave us a box of food that wouldn't make the trip with them, this mix was in them. They are whole wheat pancakes and you only add water to make the batter. M ate 3 of them for breakfast the other day. So did I and now I'm hooked. They are a must try. 

4. Our little guy got his first outfits the other day from my mom. They are so cute. I've had a hard time finding enthusiasm in searching for boy clothes because I'm so used to finding only girl clothes. Now boy clothes just don't sound as cute. But these are changing my mind. (not that I'm not excited to have a boy because I really am!) 

5.  This is from last weekend when we went sledding at the cabin.  I love this place! We stayed on the kiddy hill that was made in the front yard, but it was honestly a perfect hill for me at this point. Walking up the much bigger hill just didn't seem like a great idea. I get winded embarrassingly easy these days. 

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Favorite breakfast food?

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Sledding and Apple Sauce

We spent the day on Saturday sledding at my grandparent's cabin. As everyone knows, I'm not a big winter/snow person, but I have to admit, we had fun.  The weather was actually quite warm, and it was really nice to get out of the yucky Utah Valley air and up into the clean mountain air. 

This was M's first time sledding. I think she liked it. But she mostly enjoyed eating the snow. 

J was a fan of all the winter things. She played in the igloo, went sledding, and got to go out and walk a little on the ice. She didn't love that it was cold though and went inside to warm up several times. 

Cabin parties are always fun. There's always a ton of people there and that also means a ton of food. No one was hungry by dinner time.

Today I decided that Mondays may be my busy days, but I feel the most productive on Mondays. While I was thinking about that, I decided it is because Monday is my morning work out. I don't do well running early in the morning, but I like my morning gym class. 
Once I'm done working out and getting myself cleaned up, I feel like I can get a lot of other things done. I do laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning up from over the weekend and a lot of other things. Today I even got all fancy and made our own apple sauce. 

I've never been an apple sauce--or an apple person in general, but this was pretty good. And it made my house smell wonderful all morning. A bonus, my girls liked it way more than the store bought stuff. You can see the recipe HERE.  

This week we have to get back to normal. We already took down the Christmas decorations (and now my house feels so clean), and J starts back at school tomorrow. I'm excited to get back into a routine, but I'll admit that I'm not super excited about dropping her off and picking her up.  We live next to a private school which gets out at the same time I leave to pick J up. The traffic is terrible! Parents end up parking in the middle of the road to wait for their kids. It's a little ridiculous that I have to wait 3 minutes to pull out from a stop sign right by my house. Something needs to be fixed there. It will still be nice to get back to a routine.

How was your weekend like?

What's your favorite fruit?