Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Thanksgiving and A Few Other Things

Did everyone have a great Thanksgiving?  Ours was amazing.  I didn't get a single picture of anything on Thanksgiving. I was busy being present and enjoying the amazing food with my family. 

This year was the first year that we did Thanksgiving with just our family. Meaning my parents and siblings and their kids.  We usually go over to my grandma's house for dinner, and that's always amazing, but we've gotten to the point with the size of our family that we decided we should do our own.  Everything was amazing. Despite the fact that just about everyone there was getting over a cold, or just starting one, we had a great time. The food was awesome (I was blessed with two very amazing cooks for parents) and it was great to visit. 

After Thanksgiving dinner, we went over to my grandma's house for pie.  Pie is always one of my favorite parts about any holiday.  The girls love to play with the cats and I like visiting with my family. There was a ton of left over pie, so Grandma sent me home with two.  I decided we'd better take one over to my mother in law.  So we loaded the girls up one more time and went over to her house. Where the girls played with her cat (I'm super allergic to cats so I avoid them) and we got to visit and relax.

Friday, Trevon had work half a day so me and the girls relaxed and played around the house. Then, when he got home, we braved some of the crowds and did a tiny bit of shopping. We don't normally do the black friday thing. I think it's a bad idea most of the time. But we got a couple of things at one store for the girls and called it good. 

On Saturday we spent the day cleaning the house, and decorating the tree. This is the one thing I did get pictures of all weekend.  My mom let us borrow her old tree this year because our tree just looks sad.  It looked great the first year we had it, but the more we put it up, the more I noticed how bare it was. So I was very excited to get to use my mom's nice, full tree. It turned out perfect. 

It's taken a lot of reminding the girls not to touch, but they love it too. 

In other news, we are all starting to feel better from getting over our colds now.  Just in time for me to get a nice cold sore on my mouth. I almost only get cold sores when I'm sick, pregnant or super stressed. Happened to be all three lately. So there it is. Luckily I have some Abreva on hand and used it as soon as I knew I had one coming. If you get cold sores and don't use Abreva, I highly suggest it. If you put is on right away, it will heal the cold sore way faster. I've had some heal in one day if I catch it early enough.  I'm pretty sure that's not the case for most people.  But 2-3 days is still better than 7.

I struggled thinking of something I wanted to eat for lunch today. The left overs are gone and I wanted something more than a sandwich.  So I decided to make a quick pasta with chicken in it. I was pretty happy with the result. 1 serving of pasta, a Tbs garlic butter, a Tbs cream cheese, handful of mozzarella cheese and a little cream all melted and stirred together and seasoned with salt and pepper. 

We had a little bit of a hard time getting back to the normal routine. But I did get up and get my work out at the gym in this morning.  We worked our legs pretty hard and I needed a nap after lunch. So we put the Polar Express on and watched it all together. Well, the girls watched and I slept.  

How did your thanksgiving go?

What do you do when you're stuck on what to make for lunch?

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