Friday, December 18, 2015

A few Random Things for You Today

I'm not one that's big on weekly pictures of baby bumps. In fact, with J I took one picture and it was when I was 8 months pregnant. With M I don't think I even took a single baby bump picture. And I'm totally ok with that.  Just a personal opinion here, but I don't care so much to see other people's baby bumps. Particularly when they are bare belly baby bump pictures. It's just not attractive. If you want to do that, by all means, go a head. But I'm not going to be liking or clicking on anyones bare belly pictures. Unless it's showing how much weight you've lost since your pregnancy or something, there's just nothing impressive about it.  All that being said, I broke down and took a bump picture. It quite possibly could be the only one for this pregnancy. 

14 weeks along with baby #3.  It's very true that things start happening earlier with every pregnancy. I'm definitely showing. And my back and hips have been hurting already. Mostly at night while I'm trying to sleep. 

On Wednesday, Trev took me on a date. It's been quite a while since our last date and that's something we've decided to work on.  Finding a babysitter can be tough though. So we waited and anticipated seeing Mocking Jay part 2 for quite a while. But we finally went to it. If you haven't seen it yet (or haven't read the books), I'm not going to spoil it for you. But I did cry for most of the second half of this movie. It was pretty emotional. But I'm also pretty sure that a lot of the crying was partially because I'm pregnant and hormonal in the first place. 

Yesterday I made some cookies. Recently Trev bought me a Bosch mixer. This is what I grew up using, and I used it on a weekly basis to make these cookies. Then, when we got married I got a kitchen aid. Kitchen Aids are great, but it's just not the same. This batch of cookies was the best batch texture wise that I have made since I've been married. It's amazing. I used the whisk attachment for the first time and then traded it for the dough hook attachment when I added the flour. 

While I made cookies, this little one ate an entire, costco sized apple all by her self. Peel and all. I was pretty surprised because I figured I'd find it laying around somewhere after a few bites. 

What was the last movie you went to?

Anyone have a favorite cookie recipe that they make over and over?


  1. All the weekly bumpdates didn't used to be a thing... with each kid I've had a moment around 9 months when I throw a camera at someone and say "Take a picture of me while I'm still pregnant for the baby's scrapbook" (only got it a few days before #5 was born!) Of course, said scrapbooks have yet to materialize, but I figure I'm not going to worry about it until they turn 18.

    1. You're good to do scrapbooks. I used to scrapbook but I got lazy. So now I use shutterfly once a year, when I get a free book coupon