Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 review

2015 was a great year. We had so many eventful things happen. A lot of bucket list items were crossed off.

Starting out with finally getting back into race shape after not being able to run more than a mile or so at a time.  I did the Pink Series Race in April, and in October.

Trevon Graduated from UVU in May! School was a lot of work and it's nice to have him around in the evenings now instead of having to study so hard.

In June, my cousins and I started a yearly cousin get together. This year we decided to go to Zions and do some hiking. It was one of the funnest vacations I've been on.

Also in June, Trevon went on a Fathers and sons camp out while the girls and I had a girl weekend. We went out for treats and then had a tea party.

To end June off right, we went down to St George and Sand Hollow for a family get away. This was also one of the funnest trips I've been on. The kids loved every second! And so did we.

The 4th of July was awesome and we marked a major bucket list item off for Trevon.

July had some hard moments. We lost my grandpa and it was hard to say goodbye. The funeral was amazing and I'm so happy to know that he's back with my grandma now and out of pain. But he is hugely missed.

There was a lot of running going on in July. We trained to run with James Lawrence in his last marathon of his 50/50/50 journey.  We ended up running the last 5k instead but it was still a great experience.

Our fridge went out at the end of August. I learned quite a bit.

J started school in September. She's loved every day of school since.

Another huge event for September: Our Bahamas cruise. It was amazing to say the least!

The blog turned one in October. Still moving along.

M turned 2 in October too.  She's one sweet girl.

Somewhere in here, we announced that #3 is on his way!

At the end of October, I crossed one more big bucket list item off for me. I've wanted to go to this concert my whole life. It was totally worth it.

Thanksgiving was great and it was fun to kick off the holidays with family.

Christmas was exciting and fun and worked out just right.

Now on to 2016! New year for lots of new adventures and fun.

Do you have any goals for the new year?

Are you sad or happy 2015 is over?

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas Week

It's been a while since I've posted. We've had a mix of crazy, hard days and crazy, fun days. It's all a little bit of a blur. 

For starters, we had a few days of crazy hard.  A mix of no naps, forgetting lots of stuff at the grocery store and having to make several trips back with the girls and, because of no normal naps, late naps that result in really ornery toddlers when they are woken up for dinner. 

 I got a special treat to help me get through some days. And the girls got a special treat to be good while I did the shopping for what we forgot.

We had a white out one day. It lasted all morning. This picture doesn't do it justice because I can see further in this picture than I could with my eyes. 

This happens every time we get a car wash. M is scared to death of it so she hides from the time we pull in to the time we leave. J, on the other hand, loves getting the car washed. 
This is what Christmas eve looked like for us. Most of the day was spent wrapping and playing at home. The evening was spent at my parent's house watching the kids play the nativity.  This was the first time we've done this with just our family and it was fun to watch.  M was so proud of her costume she wouldn't take it off until we went home. 

This is what Christmas morning looked like for us. Despite M's facial expression in the last picture, she really loved her little people doll house. J got very special princess dolls from Santa. She loves them but she has to be careful with them when she's playing. 

I got this Lily Jade diaper bag I've been wanting for over a year. Now I can finally stop entering their contests. I love this bag more than I thought I would too!

Trev got new church shoes and we also got matching nightstands for our room since we haven't had matching nightstands...ever.  

We found out the gender of our little one early, and announced it at christmas. We are adding a little boy to the mix! Trevon and I are pretty excited about it, but J is still warming up to the idea of a brother. 

Since Christmas we've had a lot of playing and relaxing.  We are working at getting back into a good routine for all of us. 

How was your Christmas?

How do you get back into the swing of things after the holidays?

Friday, December 18, 2015

A few Random Things for You Today

I'm not one that's big on weekly pictures of baby bumps. In fact, with J I took one picture and it was when I was 8 months pregnant. With M I don't think I even took a single baby bump picture. And I'm totally ok with that.  Just a personal opinion here, but I don't care so much to see other people's baby bumps. Particularly when they are bare belly baby bump pictures. It's just not attractive. If you want to do that, by all means, go a head. But I'm not going to be liking or clicking on anyones bare belly pictures. Unless it's showing how much weight you've lost since your pregnancy or something, there's just nothing impressive about it.  All that being said, I broke down and took a bump picture. It quite possibly could be the only one for this pregnancy. 

14 weeks along with baby #3.  It's very true that things start happening earlier with every pregnancy. I'm definitely showing. And my back and hips have been hurting already. Mostly at night while I'm trying to sleep. 

On Wednesday, Trev took me on a date. It's been quite a while since our last date and that's something we've decided to work on.  Finding a babysitter can be tough though. So we waited and anticipated seeing Mocking Jay part 2 for quite a while. But we finally went to it. If you haven't seen it yet (or haven't read the books), I'm not going to spoil it for you. But I did cry for most of the second half of this movie. It was pretty emotional. But I'm also pretty sure that a lot of the crying was partially because I'm pregnant and hormonal in the first place. 

Yesterday I made some cookies. Recently Trev bought me a Bosch mixer. This is what I grew up using, and I used it on a weekly basis to make these cookies. Then, when we got married I got a kitchen aid. Kitchen Aids are great, but it's just not the same. This batch of cookies was the best batch texture wise that I have made since I've been married. It's amazing. I used the whisk attachment for the first time and then traded it for the dough hook attachment when I added the flour. 

While I made cookies, this little one ate an entire, costco sized apple all by her self. Peel and all. I was pretty surprised because I figured I'd find it laying around somewhere after a few bites. 

What was the last movie you went to?

Anyone have a favorite cookie recipe that they make over and over?

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Snow Day

Today we got hit with a big snow storm.  It's been non stop since 5 A.M. this morning. I know that because I've been up since then.

This morning I went to the gym for Pump with Kara. It's been a while, and I felt it. After a month of being sick or too busy or taking care or injuries, it was hard to make it though that work out. Over the weekend I did go running for the first time in that month.  I only made it a mile, but I did it. I'll talk a little bit more on what is helping with running during pregnancy after Christmas.

After we got the girls dressed and going for the day, I really didn't want to go to the grocery store while it was snowing that hard. So we stuck around the house and stayed dry and warm. But it didn't last forever. The girls decided they wanted to play in the snow.

I'm not one who loves snow or cold or any of that. But I want them to enjoy it and play in it the way I did growing up so I sucked it up and went out with them.

We tried to build a snow man. It went ok, considering the girls had never done it before. M kept trying to knock him over though. So it's more like a snow pillar with arms. But the girls were happy.  By the time we were done, they were ready for lunch.

This lunch wasn't from today. But I wanted to share it anyway. This sounded weird but for some reason I really wanted it over the weekend.

Mac and Cheese with Chili mixed in it. It wasn't too bad and it was pretty filling. Although, it also wasn't as good as my mind was telling me it would be. I think the chili just over powered the cheese but it was good anyway.

Are you a snow person?

Do you have any weird food combos you like?

Thursday, December 10, 2015

So Far This Week

I woke up today with a little more energy than I have had in a while. I got the girls dressed, fed and playing together nicely while I did more chores. Started laundry, did some dishes, swept and mopped the floors, wiped down the counters, and vacuumed. All before 9:30 in the morning. While I was cleaning I was thinking of this blog and felt a little more drive for writing on it more than I have. Hello second trimester energy! *please bless this sticks around for a while*.

Heres a small update on the week. It's not much since much hasn't happened. But, here it is anyway:

Monday I didn't go to the gym. The girls had been waking up and coming into our room to see if it was time to get up at crazy hours of the night. 2 in the morning is not ok for you to wake up. And most of the time when this happens, it takes me an hour or more to get back to sleep. So sleep hadn't been happening much and I was too exhausted to go. This turned out to be a good thing though, because when I finally did get up and going, I started noticing an old injury was bothering me again. Back in high school, I pulled all my butt muscle in my left side some how and it caused me to have really bad hip and back pain. Our athletic trainer didn't know what it was and so after a month or so of constant pain and no running, we checked it out with BYU's athletic trainers. Why we didn't just go to a doctor, I'm not sure. Probably a pride issue on my part. Anyway, they figured it out and started treating it with STEM and not just ice. And it went away. The point is, it was randomly killing me to walk again. By the time the girls were in bed I'd decided to put a heating pad on it and see if it would loosen things up.

On Tuesday, things were worse. I foam rolled it first thing in the morning, thinking maybe I had a big knot in there somewhere. I did my best to stay off of it for the day. But, by dinner time I was hobbling around the kitchen like an old lady with out her walker. So no running that night. Instead I laid on the couch and watched Fixer Upper with a heating pad and some Tylenol.

Wednesday was a little better. My sister invited J to come play with her kids while I ran errands. So I dropped J off and too M to Costco.  The plan was to also stop by Target to start gathering the stocking stuffers but by the time we were done at Costco, my leg told me we were done walking and shopping. So we dropped the groceries off and went back to my sisters to have lunch and play.  It was really nice to have the girls just play while I could sit and rest. After we went home and did quiet time, the girls were invited to play at their friends house and I was perfectly fine with that.  It gave me a little bit to catch a nap.

Today I'm feeling almost back to normal. Hopefully by the time the girls are in bed I'll still fee like I have the energy to go on a little run and see how things go. It's been about a month since I've been able to go run so it could be interesting.

Sorry for the lack of pictures to go with these posts lately. It's not something I've been thinking about as much as normal. We will work on that.

How is your week going?

Ever had an old injury randomly flare up?

Monday, December 7, 2015

One Crazy Week

Busy, busy week. It's definitly the holiday season. We are loving all the parties and shopping and other activities that come with it. But last week was jam packed every day.

It started out on Monday when my phone broke. I didn't notice until I hadn't been getting any replies or texts all day.  I figured I was just a loser. But it turns out that my SIMS card was broken on my phone.  We had a pretty hectic day of running errands and doing chores, in the middle of which Trevon called and asked if I was getting any of his texts.  Stupid phones.  We ended that night with a family dinner on Monday to celebrate Thanksgiving with Trevon's mom, and a little send off party for my brother in law as he prepared to serve a mission for the LDS church.

Tuesday was full of more errands since wednesday was going to be crazy again. We went to get my phone fixed and then went to Costco to finish the grocery shopping for the week.  I usually do Costco sometime on Wednesday, so I remembered half way through our trip that Tuesday is J's school day and it was Tuesday, not Wednesday. So we hurried the rest of our shopping a long and made it back home just in time to get J some lunch and get her to school.

Wedensday was our really busy day.  It started with a Dr.'s appointment for me in the morning. Because we were going to lunch with Trevon's dad and siblings after, Trev and the girls came with me. It was a really good appointment but my blood pressure was crazy low.  The Dr didn't seem too concerned and told me to drink lots of water to help raise it back up.  We took a look at the little one (it's always fun to see the baby move around. It actually looked like a baby this time and not just a clump of cells).
The appointment ended right on time to go meet the family at JCW.  After a lot of great visiting and yummy food, it was time to say goodbye to our missionary.  This is always really bitter sweet. While we wont be able to see him for 2 years, and only get to talk to him through email/letters and phone call twice a year, we are super proud of him for going.  But, he will be very missed.
After we got home and did some quiet time, we needed to go to Target and get a birthday present for a cousins party.  On the way M fell asleep in the car. I hoped and prayed that she would stay asleep if I moved her to the cart. Blessings! She did. She hadn't napped in a week and she didn't sleep until 10 the night before. So you can imagine how the fits were going.  This is something that never happens to me. And I loved it until 2 hours later I was still wandering around Target wondering what else I could look at to entertain J.  Luckily she woke up shortly after the christmas decorations that Target had up stopped being funny to J.

Thursday was not so crazy.  We had a birthday party in the morning. The girls loved playing with their cousins and having pizza for lunch.  Then when I took J to school, I took M to my sisters to play and went to get my hair cut. And even though it was just a trim, it was way over due.  After that we all walked over to pick up J and I let them play with their cousins some more before going home to make dinner.

Trev went over to set up the tables for our ward christmas party and I watched Anne of Green Gables, had hot chocolate, and relaxed a little. It was one of the best moments of the week.

Friday was another busy day. Not that we had a lot of places to go, just a big project to finish. I was asked to help with the ward Christmas party decorations. We kept it as simple as possible, but it was still a lot of work. It took about five hours to get everything done. But it turned out really nice.
For dinner, we went to the ward Christmas party and got to visit with neighbors and have some good food. J got to sing with the primary and they gave them all jingle bells to use and keep. She was pretty excited about that.

Saturday was a much needed rest day. We got a few errands done in the morning, but the rest of the day was relaxing. I took a nap while the girls played with daddy and watched a movie. Then I made dinner and the girls in the bath.
After dinner, Trevon had a meeting so the girls and I made a little treat and then I put them to bed so I could spend a little time watching my favorite Christmas movie, White Christmas.

Sunday was a little calmer, the biggest thing was our family Christmas party that evening. This is always a great night. Once again, good food and great company. Santa came. The girls were a little star struck. M didn't know what to think of sitting on his lap.

So it was a crazy week, but full of tons of fun and excitement. This week should be a little calmer. I will hopefully get some running in and have a little bit of time to share some more on the blog.

What was your week like?

Have your holiday parties started yet?

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Thanksgiving and A Few Other Things

Did everyone have a great Thanksgiving?  Ours was amazing.  I didn't get a single picture of anything on Thanksgiving. I was busy being present and enjoying the amazing food with my family. 

This year was the first year that we did Thanksgiving with just our family. Meaning my parents and siblings and their kids.  We usually go over to my grandma's house for dinner, and that's always amazing, but we've gotten to the point with the size of our family that we decided we should do our own.  Everything was amazing. Despite the fact that just about everyone there was getting over a cold, or just starting one, we had a great time. The food was awesome (I was blessed with two very amazing cooks for parents) and it was great to visit. 

After Thanksgiving dinner, we went over to my grandma's house for pie.  Pie is always one of my favorite parts about any holiday.  The girls love to play with the cats and I like visiting with my family. There was a ton of left over pie, so Grandma sent me home with two.  I decided we'd better take one over to my mother in law.  So we loaded the girls up one more time and went over to her house. Where the girls played with her cat (I'm super allergic to cats so I avoid them) and we got to visit and relax.

Friday, Trevon had work half a day so me and the girls relaxed and played around the house. Then, when he got home, we braved some of the crowds and did a tiny bit of shopping. We don't normally do the black friday thing. I think it's a bad idea most of the time. But we got a couple of things at one store for the girls and called it good. 

On Saturday we spent the day cleaning the house, and decorating the tree. This is the one thing I did get pictures of all weekend.  My mom let us borrow her old tree this year because our tree just looks sad.  It looked great the first year we had it, but the more we put it up, the more I noticed how bare it was. So I was very excited to get to use my mom's nice, full tree. It turned out perfect. 

It's taken a lot of reminding the girls not to touch, but they love it too. 

In other news, we are all starting to feel better from getting over our colds now.  Just in time for me to get a nice cold sore on my mouth. I almost only get cold sores when I'm sick, pregnant or super stressed. Happened to be all three lately. So there it is. Luckily I have some Abreva on hand and used it as soon as I knew I had one coming. If you get cold sores and don't use Abreva, I highly suggest it. If you put is on right away, it will heal the cold sore way faster. I've had some heal in one day if I catch it early enough.  I'm pretty sure that's not the case for most people.  But 2-3 days is still better than 7.

I struggled thinking of something I wanted to eat for lunch today. The left overs are gone and I wanted something more than a sandwich.  So I decided to make a quick pasta with chicken in it. I was pretty happy with the result. 1 serving of pasta, a Tbs garlic butter, a Tbs cream cheese, handful of mozzarella cheese and a little cream all melted and stirred together and seasoned with salt and pepper. 

We had a little bit of a hard time getting back to the normal routine. But I did get up and get my work out at the gym in this morning.  We worked our legs pretty hard and I needed a nap after lunch. So we put the Polar Express on and watched it all together. Well, the girls watched and I slept.  

How did your thanksgiving go?

What do you do when you're stuck on what to make for lunch?