Monday, November 2, 2015

Garth Brooks Concert

This is a huge deal.  Thursday, October 29 2015, at 7:30 PM I marked one huge thing off of my bucket list.

One of my earliest memories is driving down to Lake Powell with my family in the car and Garth Brooks on the radio.  Ever since then, I was hooked.  We used to watch all of the epic Garth concerts on TV (fire, guitar smashing, rain on the stage, Jumping and running around...) and wish we could be in the audience. And it quickly became a goal and a dream of mine to be there.

I was pretty sure these dreams were crushed about a decade ago when I heard that Garth was going into retirement and wouldn't be preforming like that anymore.  It was more than a little heart breaking. (I'm sure I sound super extreme right now.) A glimmer of hope came after Trev and I got married and realized that Garth Brooks still did concerts, just more intimate concerts, in Las Vegas. Tickets were $500 a piece and certainly not in a newlywed's budget.

But then I heard something on the radio one day. Garth Brooks was coming back. He was doing a world tour again! It was set for 2015. The thing is, that was more than a year later than I'd heard the announcement, and when Trevon wasn't nearly as excited about it as I was, I'd totally forgotten the news before this year came.

About a month ago, I got a text from my sister saying that he was coming to Utah, and tickets were way cheaper than usual. In fact, they were completely affordable.  The next week, I got a call from my sister, WE WERE GOING TO GARTH BROOKS!

So now that I've set that tone, Garth Brooks was a huge deal. On Thursday, I picked my sister up at 5:00 PM. We stopped at Zaxby's for dinner (which was really yummy by the way) and then headed to SLC to pick up our friend, who bought the tickets, and to head to the concert.

Traffic was insane, and it was rainy. But it didn't bother us for one second. We were all too excited to care about lousy weather.

Garth delivered the concert we'd been hoping to see for the last 20 years. He made the comment at the beginning that he hates it when a band comes out with a new album, does a concert, and only sings those songs at the concert. He wanted everyone to know the songs and to sing a long. So he stuck to his old stuff. He sang too many of my favorites to mention. And the entertainment he gave was exactly like what it would have been in the beginning.

If you made it this far, thank you for staying with me while I gush about this experience. It was a dream come true. I wish I could go again, and maybe someday, if he keeps this touring stuff up, I will go again. But I'm happy that I was able to go. It was exactly what I'd hoped and expected it to be.

Now I am off to take a much needed nap while the girls are doing quiet time.

Do you have a favorite artist that you've dreamed of seeing in concert?

Are you a country music fan?

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