Monday, October 26, 2015

What I Do Before a Date Night with My Husband

Trev and I have been trying to be better at making sure we get to have a date night once a week. That can be anything from going out and doing something with just the two of us, having game night with our friends or having a family bbq.  As long as we are having time to interact with each other, we can count it as date night.

Since we've started to make a better effort at this, I have started to make sure that I do a few things right before I go. These things help me feel more relaxed and help me focus on us instead of my to-do list and other things.

First things first, I clean myself up if I haven't done it already. Some days I just don't want to shower first thing in the morning. If this is the case on a day that we have a date planned, I make sure to set some time aside while the girls are doing quiet time to shower and wash my hair.

I change my clothes.  There are a few different reasons I do this. I don't want to go on a date with a stretched out shirt that the girls have been  pulling on all day and dirty pants.  So I'll change into my nice jeans and a clean shirt. I would have done this before we were married, so why not do it now too? I also do this because, if we are going to dinner or something, I tend to get cold at restaurants so changing helps me be more comfortable.

I re-do my make up.  I don't wear a lot of make up normally, but I fix what make up I do have on. This is again something I did before we were married. And it's something I learned from my mom. I noticed growing up that she never went to dinner with my dad with out freshening up her make up. I mostly do this because it makes me feel pretty. And when I feel pretty I'm way more confident.

I re-do my hair.  At very least, I brush through it and pin a little back or something. If it needs a little more curl put in it, and I have time, I'll do that too. For the same reasons as above.

I make sure the girls are ready. That they have a baby sitter or are ready to come to our game night/ family dinner etc with us.  I get a little bag packed with extra diapers for M and panties for J (just in case). Sometimes we will also take P.J.s with us. I either make them dinner a head of time or I let the baby sitter know they haven't eaten yet so that they will be ready. Most of the time, we feed them first.

Cross off the to-do list. I make sure all of the big things on my to-do list are crossed off. There's nothing worse than going on a date night and worrying about everything you still have to get done that day.

Be happy. I try not to get frustrated with the girls or babysitters or Trevon if anyone is running late.  I want to go on our date in the best mood and have fun. If one of us is in a bad mood for the date, it will ruin the entire evening.

How often do you go on date nights?

Do you do anything before?

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