Thursday, October 8, 2015

Race Week Workouts

Well guys, it's race week. I run my next 5k on the 10th and I'm super excited about it. There are a couple of things you want to do when you're getting ready for a race.  One of the things is to plan out your race week workouts.

When planning your race week workouts, you want to make sure you don't have anything new or harder than your race in them.  For example, I didn't go to my morning pump class this week because I don't want my muscles to be too sore and tight to run the rest of my work outs. I also don't want to add a new kind of speed work out or a new hill route to the routine. You basically don't want to do anything that is going to make you sore or injured.

Our race week workout plan got switched around just a little, but this is what it looks like:

Monday: speed work on the treadmill

Tuesday: last long run (4ish miles)

Wednesday: 3 mile easy run

I have a pretty home!

Thursday: 1-2 miles to keep loose.

Friday: Walk/jog the course so we know where we are going.

Saturday: race day.

Ideally, I would do the long run on Monday so that it gave us time to recover. Tuesdays is still an okay option, and we put it there because we are working around our family's schedules. You have to be a little flexible for that stuff.

Now is not the time to dig deep and give it your all during "practice".  Save that for race day.  If you push yourself to your limit now, race day will not go nearly as well as you hoped. You won't have the energy you're going to want to do well.  So even though all the sports movies show you that everyone gives 100% all of the time, its a lie.  Don't put everything out there until your race, then you can let loose and give every single ounce of energy and drive.

Race day nerves have started to kick in a little bit now. I'm more excited than nervous. I would love to PR, but I've decided since there will be a temperature change and a little altitude change, I'm going into this not expecting anything and will come out of it happy either way.

Anyone else have a race this weekend? How far?

Do you have any race day rituals that you do?

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