Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Race Recap

Saturday was race day.  It made for a great, exciting, fun weekend.  Here's how the race weekend went for us:

Friday evening, My sister in law, and running buddy, picked me up and we headed up to Park City for the Pink Series 5k.  I've done the pink series race a couple of times, but I've never done the Park City course. And it was Laura's first race, so we were both a little nervous. We had looked at the map of the course and knew that it was an out-and-back and that there would be a few hills. So we had trained for that.

Once we checked in and got our packets, we decided we needed to go find some dinner.  At first we were hoping for some pasta. But in the whole shopping complex that our hotel was in, we couldn't find any italian restaurants. And that may be because we didn't look very hard around town or anything. We just walked around to see what there was. We settled for Zupas, which was actually a really great idea.

I got the chicken tortilla soup and an ultimate grilled cheese sandwich.  They were both really good and they gave us an extra piece of bread too.  Plus it was a little chilly outside, so the soup hit the spot.

We stopped over at the grocery store on our way back to the hotel to pick up some Carnation Instant Breakfast (my pre-race breakfast every time) but I couldn't find any in the entire Smiths....seriously? So, I broke my rule of never trying anything new the week of the race, and I bought a Muscle Milk instead.

We went back to the hotel. I took a bath in this enormous bath tub. Then after we were all cleaned up and ready to relax, we turned the fire place on, watched a movie, and did our nails. (Which I never do, but Laura always has cute nails).

I woke up before my alarm and couldn't get back to sleep so I took the time to see if the hotel offered a continental breakfast of some kind so that if the Muscle Milk wasn't going well, I could grab a banana or a piece of toast. No such luck. You'd think that a hotel that costs $180/night (for a standard room) would have toast.  At least they had that bath tub, and the fire place.

So, Muscle Milk it was. I just have to say, it wasn't nearly as good as I was hoping. But then again, it's a protein shake and most of those taste chalky and fake...like this one did. But it was something to put in my stomach before the race. So I drank it and ate the tiny sample size Luna bar that they gave us too. Which was a little better but I'd never buy it. (I guess I'm pretty picky when it comes to workout kinds of foods.)

We waited around as long as we could before going down to the starting line because it was cold. But 45 minutes before the race started we changed and went down.  The starting line was right outside the hotel, which made getting there super nice.

We waited in the sun, to keep as warm as we could.  I know a lot of people think that 45 degrees is great to run in. Let me just remind you that I hate being cold. It's never fun to be cold. And if I can see my breath, I'm not usually outside running...or at all. If it was even 5 degrees warmer, it would have been great.

We warmed up right in time, as they called us to the starting line right as we got back from the jog.  We stretched while they explained the race details. And then this motivational speaker got up and talked. He was quite intense. And if I wasn't racing, I would have filmed it and put it up here for you all to see. But that would have probably caused problems with my start.

The course was way easier than I thought it would be as far as incline goes.  I expected it to have at least one big hill, but it had a few small hills and that was it.  I also expected that it would be all or mostly paved. Nope. Most of it was dirt and wood bridges. It's fun to switch things up but it's not great to do it on race day. And we hadn't done much trail running.  So we just did our very best to keep a good pace and not roll an ankle. (I get a little paranoid with that on trails).

About half way through I had some asthma problems.  I haven't had to use my inhaler for at least 8 months, but it was so cold that my lungs were tightening up.  So I slowed my pace a little, and made sure I was breathing in through my nose.  The good news is that it wasn't bad enough for me to stop, the bad news is that I also couldn't pick my pace back up much more than I was going. But the last mile I picked it up a little and I finished 4th in my age group and 11th overall with a time of 25:11, quite a ways away from my PR. But I knew that was coming once the asthma kicked in.

If this were to happen to me in high school, I would have been extremely upset and mad at myself. But as I've grown and continued running, I've learned that there will always be races that don't go as planned. And as long as I know I pushed myself then I know that I did good. And there is always another race.

Laura did really well for her first race. She got 7th in our age group, 20th overall and her time was 29 minutes. She's hooked, which I'm super excited about.

This medal was MASIVE! 

After the race they gave out awards, recognized those who ran the race that are fighting or that have beat cancer, and they released balloons for those who have lost their lives due to breast cancer. This is one of the main reasons I choose this race.  Almost everyone knows someone who has been diagnosed with cancer. I know three ladies who have had breast cancer, one being my mother in law,  and 2 awesome teenager girls who were diagnosed with leukemia. Its sucky stuff.  But if we can take the time and effort to participate in these races that have a cause, it benefits those going through cancer.  Donations go to different charities, research and awareness. And part of your racing fees make up those donations.

What was the last race you ran?

Do you have a cause that's close to your heart?

What did you do for fun over the weekend?

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