Friday, October 30, 2015

An October full of Pictures

This is how our October went this year:

It started out with a race. Sadly, there hasn't been a whole lot of running for me since then. But I'm working on that. 

We joined some friends for Cornbellys. This turned out to be a hit with the girls! Princess dancing, swings, giant blocks, princess carriages, and a ton more!

J had a field trip to the pumpkin patch. This was also a hit. We even got to pick out a pumpkin to take home!

The girls fit in my old dresses.  They look too darling in them. It means I have to take pictures of them all of the time!

M let me put a head band in her hair. It's a big deal. This one lasted most of the day before she took it out. 

We took a few trips to the park before it gets too cold. One of the trips ended like this. M kind of threw a fit in a dirt pile, and I let her do it.  Bath time happened afterwords. 

M turned 2! We took the cousin crew to the zoo, had pizza for dinner, and had cake and ice cream before bed time. 

During a visit to my mom's house, the girls noticed that her lamp makes your face stretch. They stayed entertained for quite some time. I remember this keeping me entertained quite a bit too growing up. 

We changed M's crib to a toddler bed. She's pretty happy about it, but she's still working on staying in bed. She falls our once or twice a night. It shouldn't be funny, but sometimes it is because she gets "lost" The other night I heard her fall out of bed so I went to check on her, she was wondering around in circles crying. Poor girl. Her bedroom isn't very big and is shared with a sister, but she didn't know where her bed was.  This is how I found her during her nap yesterday. 

Practicing our Halloween dressing up, and playing in the leaves. This is a must do at least once during the fall time. Luckily it's been pretty warm and we've been able to get a lot of out side time in. 

We had a bday party for one of the girl's friends.  It was a really fun party that included face painting. I wish I got a picture of J too, but she was too fast for me.  So here is M's heart. 

Nights have looked a lot like this. Harry Potter and a cup of hot chocolate is pretty hard to beat.  We also have been working on our halloween decorating lately.  We finally carved our pumpkins and got some of our decorations up. 

Here's a little preview of J's costume. She got to wear it to school on Thursday and she was pretty happy about it. 

How did your October go?

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Clubhouse Running with Kids and a Nice Fall Treat

Last week I called myself a slacker and vowed to change my ways.  Heres how that's gone since then.

Right after I'd decided that running was going to happen that night, a very important and impromptu girls night came up. So running at night wasn't a possibility.  I considered asking my mom to baby sit, but she had been babysitting all day and I didn't want to just add more kids to the chaos that day.  So I decided I'd take the girls to the club house with me. I was really worried that this wouldn't last long. M doesn't like to hold still for very long (what 2 year old does). But I loaded her up in the stroller, Grabbed some snacks (apples and string cheese) for the girls and we walked over. The whole way I told the girls how it was important that they stay where I put them so that they wouldn't get hurt or, you know, break anything.  

This was my view from the treadmill. I have to say I was super impressed with how they did. I got a full 20 minute speed workout in while they watched a show on TV and had their snacks. This is something that will probably happen more often now. 

That workout set a good tone for the rest of the week. I went running again the next day and did my fastest 3 mile since April. That made me feel really great!  I took the weekend off for some family time. And some of this happened Sunday night. 

Can't go wrong with my favorite hot chocolate treat and Harry Potter.  It was a great bedtime/relaxing break. 

Monday morning was back to working out hard. I went to my pump class and it kicked my butt.  And if everything goes well and the starts all align, we will be running 3 more times this week.  

What was your last hard workout?

What's your favorite fall/winter treat?

Monday, October 26, 2015

What I Do Before a Date Night with My Husband

Trevon and I have been married for almost 9 years. When you get married everyone has some kind of advice to give. One of those pieces of advice that were given to us was to keep dating. We haven't always been the best at keeping that advice, but we are working on being better about it. Sometimes that means we put the kids to bed early and get take out for us, sometimes that's just watching a movie at home with some kind of treat, sometimes that means getting a babysitter and heading out for the night.

No matter what kind of date we are having I like to get myself ready for our dates to help me feel more confident and relaxed going into the date. Sometimes switching from mommy mode to adult/wife mode can feel hard. But when I get myself ready I feel more excited and less stressed about babysitters and bedtimes and all of that. I can focus on our date and enjoy the time we have on our own a little more.  So here are some of the things I do every time we have a date night.

First things first, I clean myself up if I haven't done it already. Some days I just don't want to shower first thing in the morning. If this is the case on a day that we have a date planned, I make sure to set some time aside while the girls are doing quiet time to shower and wash my hair.

I change my clothes.  There are a few different reasons I do this. I don't want to go on a date with a stretched out shirt that the kids have been pulling on all day and dirty pants.  So I'll change into my nice jeans and a clean shirt. I would have done this before we were married, so why not do it now too? I also do this because, if we are going to dinner or something, I tend to get cold at restaurants so changing helps me be more comfortable.

I re-do my make up.  I don't wear a lot of makeup normally, but I fix what makeup I do have on. This is again something I did before we were married. And it's something I learned from my mom. I noticed growing up that she never went to dinner with my dad with out freshening up her make up. I mostly do this because it makes me feel pretty. And when I feel pretty I'm way more confident.

I re-do my hair.  At very least, I brush through it and pin a little back or something. If it needs a little more curl put in it, and I have time, I'll do that too. For the same reasons as above.

I make sure the kids are ready. That they have a babysitter or are ready to come to our game night/ family dinner etc with us.  I get a little bag packed with extra diapers for V.  Sometimes we will also take P.J.s with us. I either make them dinner ahead of time or I let the babysitter know they haven't eaten yet so that they will be ready. Most of the time, we feed them first.

Cross off the to-do list. I make sure all of the big things on my to-do list are crossed off. There's nothing worse than going on a date night and worrying about everything you still have to get done that day.

Be happy. I try not to get frustrated with the kids or babysitters or Trevon if anyone is running late.  I want to go on our date in the best mood and have fun. If one of us is in a bad mood for the date, it will ruin the entire evening.

How often do you go on date nights?

Do you do anything before?

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Five For Friday: Fall Traditions

What a week. This week has felt so long. We have had party after party happening. My days have been so mixed up. I thought Wednesday was Friday and I've been thinking today was Wednesday all day long.

We love all the fun fall activities going on though. So today I'm going to share 5 fun fall things we have done, or plan to do this fall.  (Although there are way more than 5 things we have planned).

1. We have gone to a pumpkin patch. This should be a must for anyone with kids. We like Pumpkin land in Vineyard Utah. They have a cute pumpkin patch but they also have so many fun things for the kids to do and it's cheap!

2. Birthday parties galore. We have so many birthdays in the fall (we have more birthdays in August, but that's besides the point).  M turned 2 last week, my dad's birthday was this week, my mom's birthday is in November. And one of J's best friends birthday was also this week. So we go to a lot of parties. I'm always up for a good party.

3. Cornbellys. This was not cheap. But it was fun for the kids to find several different activities that they liked. I think instead of doing this next year, though, we will check out the free pumpkin patch in Springville Utah instead. I've heard it's pretty amazing. And you can't really beat free.

4. My grandma's Skeleton Soup Party. This has been a tradition for as long as I can remember. Before all the kids go trick-or-treating, we head over to my grandma's house for a Skeleton soup dinner (which is just chicken noodle soup but sometimes she hides plastic skeletons in it for the kids). We all dress up and take pictures and have a good time.  It's a big deal.

5. The turkey shoot. This is also a family tradition that I can't even remember when it started. All of the uncles, husbands, dads, cousins.... go down to a little bit of property that my uncle owns. They all bring their guns and lots of ammo. And we take turns shooting, not actual turkeys because that would be a lot more food than we could keep up with, but clay pigeons. It's been a while since I've gone down (since I started having kids) but it's a fun tradition. We have a trophy for whoever hit the most targets.
photo credit to my uncle Guy. 

Wanna join in on this 5 for friday link up? 

What are your favorite family traditions in the fall time?


Remember how I said I'd be getting back to the running? Well, yeah, I haven't.  We have had a lot of activities and birthdays and things going on. And I haven't been feeling 100% lately either.

When I don't run, I feel icky.  Then I eat junk food and I feel worse. This is just a cycle that happens way too often after a race. This is why I like to have a race scheduled so I will stay motivated.  And at the moment I don't have a race scheduled and I don't feel very motivated.

So the plan for running right now is, try to fit it in as much as possible. For example, I don't normally get a babysitter so I can go running, but today I might ask my mom to babysit so I can go. We will see if this actually happens. I just have plans with some of my favorite people tonight that infringes on running time. I don't always like to be a party pooper because of running. So I agreed to the plans a figured I'd work around it.

The other thing is, if I don't run, the worst thing that can happen is that I'll lose a little bit of what I've worked towards. Running will always come back when I am ready for it.

Sorry for the lack of pictures or exciting content on the blog today.  I'm still working out what I'm going to be doing differently in this space. There are a lot of things and plans in my head that I don't want to share just yet.  Not until I have them all sorted out and put in the right spot. Then I'll let you all in on it.

What are your workout plans this week?

When was the last time you struggled for motivation?

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

M Turns Two

Last weekend was M's second birthday.  Here are a few of the things we did to celebrate.

We started the day off at the zoo.

At 2 years old, M is already way braver than me. There is no way I'd pet that thing now. 

We invited the cousins to come too. This was the best group picture we could get of them all. 

After the zoo, we came home and had pizza for dinner, then we opened her presents. I don't have pictures of this because I was too busy video taping it. We have a nice video camera that doesn't get used very often.  I'm trying to be better at pulling it out. 

Then we invited everyone back to our house for cake and ice cream.  I did manage to get a picture of the cake. 

Please excuse the bad lighting. My flash batteries ran out and I didn't have time to find new ones. 

This nice picture was taken by my very talented brother. He thinks he taught me all my photography. 

It was a fun day and everything, including the cake, went well. (I've had several birthday cake fails the last few years).

What is your favorite kind of cake?

Are you scared of snakes?

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Let's Talk About Race Etiquette

Waking up this morning for early morning pump class wasn't too hard. But it hit me now. I'm exhausted!

I feel like I worked really hard in class today. We started out with some lunges and dead lifts. About half way through them, my right hamstring tightened up and I got a charley horse. Luckily it didn't stick around for the whole class, it went away after a little bit of stretching. But as soon as I got home, I foam rolled it out really well.

When M got up, the first thing she did was find my shoes and put them on.

In store for this weeks workouts are some treadmill runs and one or two outside runs. Let's hope that the clubhouse is working. It's ridiculous the amount of times I've contacted them. If it's not there will definitely have to be some adjusting. That's one thing that's really great about running is that you can be pretty flexible with your plans.

Today I want to talk a little bit about racing courtesy.  For the bigger, longer distance races, most people are know the do's and don'ts of racing etiquette. And, lets be honest, I'm not perfect at this, by far. But I try to make sure I'm being courteous to other runners on the course. Heres how:

- If you're not going for a time (if you're running the race for fun. You just signed up on a whim. You don't care what place or time you get), start in the back of the pack. Let those people who are racing, not only for fun but for a time/place, start at the front of the group.  They will usually tell you this at a 5k before the gun goes off. Listen.

- Strollers also start at the back. You've got a much bigger load than a solo runner, that also means you get in the way easier. That being said, don't run people over. Don't try to weave in and out of the crowd just go around instead. And don't expect every runner to move for you. Notice who's around you and don't hog the road, please.

- Going with the above, those with out strollers, if you notice a stroller runner and they are trying to pass you, it's better to let them pass than cut them off and get run over. Move out of the way.

-  If you're going to stop and walk, that's just fine. Just don't stop in walk in the middle of the course. Move to the side until you're ready to pick the pace back up. And if you're in a group and all of you need to stop and walk, don't group up in a line blocking the course. Just move over and try to be as far out of the way as possible.

- There will be food at the end of the race. There is enough for everyone at the race to have a LITTLE of everything. I emphasize little for a reason. Guys, you don't need 4 beagles, a bunch of bananas, an orange and 3 cookies.  You ran the same distance as everyone else, make sure you don't take more than your share of refuel food. Especially for the longer runs. Because, let's be honest, running a 5k doesn't make you have to refuel right after. It's a nice thing to have, but not necessary. Bigger races obviously need more food. But, regardless of the length you ran, don't eat more than your share of food. This is a problem, you can see one runners experience here. I'd be pissed.

- Make sure you know the course well. And, if it's an out-and-back course, or if there is a part of the course that goes back through another part of the course, make sure you leave room for all of the runners on their way back through. This has happened to me, as I'm sure it's happened to several others. You're on your way back on your race. You're on the tale end, you're ready to pick the pace up a little. And then you get blocked by a group of walkers or a group of racers that are racing for fun. While I'm super glad you're having a good time with a huge group of friends and doing something good and healthy for you, it is so frustrating to have to slow down to get through your pack.  Like I said earlier, move over to the side and let other runners through. HERE is a great article about how running a race is kind of like driving a car. It should be as simple as that.

Now I'm done with my little rant. I hope it wasn't too offensive or rude to others. Let's all just use common sense and courtesy when you're at a race. Everyone has worked hard to be where they are. Let's be happy and kind to each other.
There's a girl that I've run a couple of races with, she's a beast and wins all of them.  She always takes the time and energy to go back after she finishes and she cheers every one on while she's jogging back.  What a great example of a courteous, kind racer. I don't normally finish close enough to the front and have energy to go back, but I do try to cheer others on as they come through the finish line.

Remember that running is about having fun and growing.  No matter the race's cause, everyone is there for a reason. Respect that as you run.

Have you ever had a bad race experience because of someone else?

What's one thing you try to do every race to be courteous?

Monday, October 19, 2015

What to Write About

Oh you guys. Where has the inspiration to write gone? It's been about a month now since I've really felt the urge to write and had a really great idea. (You see, I schedule my posts that I write before hand. Now those posts are all posted, and my scheduled list is gone).

Do you know how many lists of things to write about when you don't know what to write about I've looked through on pinterest?  They all are the same except for maybe 2 or 3 on the list.

1. Facts about you (like THIS one and THIS one)
2. What would you do if you had all the money in the world
3. An embarrassing moment.
4. A goal that you have. 
And so on.

Well, some of them I've taken and written about. But do I really want people to know about my most embarrassing moments? (It's a toss up between throwing up in front of all the 4th grade, Trying to get into the wrong motorhome, thinking my parents were leaving me at the gas station, and accidentally flashing my whole family because my swim suite adjusted and I didn't realize it until the life jacket was off.)

I'm not sure what it is lately. I have a lack of ideas and a lack of drive to do this blog lately. I love the friendships I've made. I've put a lot of work into this space and I'm not just going to delete it. But I do think I might need to revamp it. I need it to change in some way. I need to feel like I'm getting something out of it again.

Some thoughts on what might change (but really I have no idea how likely any of them are.) A bigger focus on running/fitness/health because I have a lot more ideas come to me about that. Paying for a domain name, but I'd have to have money to pay for that. Changing to writing three times a week instead of once a day.  Who knows, maybe all of it. Maybe none of it.

Here's the deal, and I really do need the impute on this, what do you guys as readers want from this blog?  What are your favorite kinds of posts? Do you even read daily?

This is what bloggers burn out looks like for me. Good thing I'm determined to work through it. Until then I'll keep looking at cute pictures of my kids and wishing I would have made this cute 1 year old J Ellen Degenerous for halloween... She ended up being a bear, cute, but not as awesome.

What kind of burn outs do you suffer from most?

Friday, October 16, 2015

Five for Friday

Here are my friday five. Five things I've been thinking about, loving or wanting this week.

1. These little pouches of goodness were at my race last weekend. I've wanted more of the since then. Unfortunately, I can't find them anywhere. They are like a granola bar, except they don't have the chewy, gooey, or sticky parts of the granola bar. They are great for carrying around, and have fantastic amounts of protein in them.  I've really wanted to find some (and I'm hoping they are a decent price) because these are a really great and healthy snack.

2. We went to Cornbellys with some friends last weekend and we had a blast.  It's always fun to get together with friends and have adult time while the kids play. Cornbellys was really fun for the girls. And their corn dogs were pretty awesome.  J especially loved playing dress up and dancing on the stage.

3. The girls found two of my old dresses last Sunday and really wanted to wear them.  So they wore them to church and they were pretty dang cute! I'm super glad my mom kept some of my clothes from growing up so I can see how cute my girls are in them.

4. More pumpkin patch-ing this week. We had another field trip with J's school. I love how much these girls like to play together! We did a corn maze, pet a few animals at the petting zoo, played on a play ground and even picked out a pumpkin.  It was a success.

5. I took M's pictures for her 2 year old birthday this week. She's a pretty cute thing.  I think they turned out pretty well.

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