Thursday, September 17, 2015

Working Out on Vacation

So I had a post all planned out all about running and working out while on vacation.  See, I'd planned to run every night on our cruise (more to come soon, promise), but it turns out that by the time I got done with all of our awesome excursions, I was flat out exhausted and had no energy to run. And besides, ice cream just sounded way better than running did at that point.

Even though I didn't run much on the cruise, I did run once, and I have run on other trips. So, I'm still going to do a little post on working out while on vacation. It just won't be what I thought it was going to be before the cruise.

So for starters, you have to take into consideration the type of vacation you're on.  Are you camping? Cruising? In the city? What type or surroundings do you have to use for a workout?


When my family goes camping, we almost always go to the same campground. Because of this, it makes it really easy to go on a short trail run.  Because we go to the same place, I know the distances and I know where to go.  Trail running is a fun way to mix things up. It also is a great way to use your muscles a little differently.  So that is a great option when it comes to camping and running. But what about other ways to workout while camping?
My family likes to take hikes, so when we camp, we hike at least twice in the week.  Hikes are great to count as a workout.  If you're counting miles for running, you can count half the distance of a hike for a run.
Camping gives you a great opportunity to try a work out like MovNat or to get creative with the way you workout. Climbing trees, throwing rocks (make sure you won't hit anything/anyone), jumping over a stream, there are so many ways you can use your body and surroundings to workout.

This is the lake I run to whenever I'm camping. Isn't it beautiful? This is only part of it too. 


When you go on a cruise, there is always an on board gym available.  My suggestion with this is to either wake up early and go before your daily activities or to go between your excursion and dinner. You can run, lift, or go to any of the classes, just like any other gym you go to.

The view from the treadmill. It wasn't the prettiest view of the whole cruise but it was a great change from the norm. 

But there are other ways to workout on a cruise.  For example, cruise ships have lots and lots of stairs. This was my main way to workout while we were on the boat. We only took the elevator twice the whole time. Once to beat the crowd to dinner, and once to carry our luggage down off the boat. Everything else we used the stairs for. We had to go up or down several levels to eat or to go to any of the shows.  The other great thing about cruise ships is that they have an outside track around the boat that you can walk or run at certain times of the day. So you don't have to do it all on the treadmill.
The other way to workout on a cruise is to pick excursions that require moving. I'll talk more about our excursions soon, but just, for example, you can do snorkeling, Segway-ing, walking tours, swimming and several other excursions that require you to do more than sit on a tour bus. Look through your options and pick some that will also double as a workout

In General 

When you're staying in a city or town that you know well enough, you can take the opportunity to run outside and get to know it even better.  It's always fun to run in a new place and take in all the new surroundings. Just be sure to stick to the roads that you know so you can find your way back easily.
Instead of going on a long run, try switching things up and going on a walk or taking your kids to a local park. When we visit family in Idaho, we like to take the kids to a close by park. It lets them get some energy out and it gives us a chance to get a little bit of a work out in with our kids.

There are also some hotels that have gyms in them. Check to see, before you book your hotel if they have treadmills or any other kind of gym equipment.

There are many other ways you can squeeze in a workout while on vacation. And sometimes it's ok to just take the vacation time to relax and not worry about working out at all. Sometimes after taking a little break from working out will actually help improve your performance when you get back.

What are your favorite ways to workout while on vacation? 

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