Friday, September 4, 2015

What You May Have Missed in the Last Week

The last week or two have been really busy, and still really great.  So I thought that, even though we just had a currently post, and a month review of August, I'd let you in on a few things that happened in the last little while.

First, you guys all know by now I turned 27 on the 27th of August.  It was a big deal because growing up I didn't get to have a golden birthday, I had to wait until this year! So we made it as fun as we could.

Did you know that Honey Baked Ham will give you a free sandwich on your birthday? I made sure to get mine on Tuesday.  My neighbor was so sweet and let me leave my kids at her little girls birthday party so I could go get some errands done. This was one of the many things I got done.

It started out with a relaxing morning. We did the normal things all morning and then, just before noon, J had her meet and greet with her teacher. After which we went to my parent's house to have a nice picnic with my mom, sister's and their kids.  It was fun to have a special lunch and to let the kids play all afternoon.

That evening, Trev and I had a date night.  We dropped the girls off at their grandpa's house, then we went to dinner a the Olive Garden and the movie The Cokeville Miracle. Okay, if you haven't seen that movie yet, you need to. It was honestly a huge miracle that every teacher and child survived that event. But, if you do see it, make sure you have tissues. I promise you'll need them. And, if you're like me and have a very sensitive brain, that tends to hold on to images and stuff really easily, go in the morning or something.

Because, although it was a really amazing movie, I had nightmares all night long about that kind of thing happening to J.  All I'm saying is that the events that happened in that movie are really traumatic and you should probably watch it during the day and let your brain distract it's self all day long.

Trev made me a donut cake because donuts have sounded really, really good for the last few months. Then I got to open my presents.  Trev and the girls got me new, bluetooth headphones and a foam roller. Things like this make me happier than most other people.

On Friday we got to go to dinner with my parents. The girls love it when they get to have one on one time with Grandma and Grandpa.

After dinner, we had some of our really good friends come over for game night.  It's always really fun to let them bring their little one over and let the kids all play. M was pretty worn out so she had to go to bed early, but J had a good time and we had a great time getting to hang with adults.

Saturday was a busy one that included a nice morning run, testing out my birthday presents, and cleaning while Trev helped a neighbor move.
At lunch time we went to a picnic for our church and the girls had a blast playing on the play ground. When we got home to put M down for a rest, Trev decided to clean out the fridge. And while I dragged my feet on it a little bit (because who wants to spend a saturday afternoon cleaning out the fridge?) I'm glad that we did it, because we wouldn't have realized that our fridge wasn't working as soon as we did.  We noticed that most of the food in the freezer had thawed out.  It's never a great thing to notice.
So we called my dad, since he knows how to fix everything, and he came down to look at it. He said maybe one of the girls had just left the fridge slightly cracked open and the cold air wasn't staying in. So we watched it for another day, but sure enough, Sunday morning there was no improvement.

J had her first day of school on Tuesday. You can read about that HERE.

We got our new, to us, fridge on Tuesday night. Thats 3 days with out a working fridge.  It's really great to have a fridge again and not have to worry about all our food going bad!

And so, that's been our last week. How has yours been?

Any big appliance problems recently?

Do you have a go to fix it man?
       I go to my dad when anything needs fixed.


  1. I hope your fridge gets fixed soon! I haven't heard of the Cokeville Miracle movie, but thanks for the warning to watch during the day! You family is the best to have made you a donut cake! I would have loved that. And foam rollers are awesome and feel soooo good!!

    1. You should see it! It's a true story and the things that happened were terrible but amazing. You can look up the story on google too and read about it.
      Donut cake!!! I love as so excited.