Monday, September 7, 2015

What I Learned When Our Fridge Went Out

I mentioned recently about our fridge going out on us. Here's what happened:

Friday afternoon I got the chicken nuggets out of the freezer to make them for my kids. I noticed they weren't as frozen as normal but thought maybe J had just left the freezer cracked open or something, and I went about my day.

Saturday afternoon Trevon suggested cleaning the fridge out. I hate cleaning the fridge out but we did it anyway. When he started to pull things out he noticed how warm the were. The orange juice from the freezer was thawed out, the frozen yogurts were also thawed, The meat was still good. We called my dad to see if he could come look.
He came and had the same thought I did, that J had just left it cracked open or something. So we went about our night and planned to check it first thing in the morning.

Sunday morning we checked it, there was no change. Now we are worried. The meat was still frozen even though just about everything else wasn't anymore. We kept the freezer closed the rest of the day to save the meat from thawing, and we texted my dad to let him know it was broken for sure.

Sunday night, my dad finally gets the text and answers back "well, how big is your fridge space?" To which I know he's thinking he's going to buy us a new fridge. On the one hand, that's great, but on the other hand, refrigerators are expensive and I'd feel bad if they dropped that much money on a new one for a rental property. So I answered back with the height and width of it and then offered to buy a new one or buy their old fridge and let them get a new one.  He said he'd think up some options.

Monday morning, my mom calls and says to bring up all my meat so it doesn't get ruined. We do that, and spend the morning playing with cousins up there. The plan was to take their old fridge and they would get a new one.

Monday afternoon, my mom calls again and says they can't find a fridge the right size that they need. So maybe we'd just be getting a new fridge. I told her not to spend that much money on a rental property fridge, we'd look for a used one that would work while we are here. She said no.

Tuesday afternoon, my mom calls again and says that they found a fridge. A very expensive, nice, new fridge for their house and we could have their old one that night.  Relief happened. Thats four days. FOUR WHOLE DAYS with out a fridge. Things were getting bad around here. Food and moods included.

The new fridge. It was a really exciting thing.

Here are a few things I learned from my fridge going out:

  • You can't go grocery shopping when you don't have a fridge to keep the food good.  So you start running out of things. Like the kid's favorite juice, and Jam for your peanut butter and jam sandwiches.

  • Because you can't shop, and your food is going bad, you have to find ways to use things that are going bad quickly.  So you look around for quick combinations that will work for dinner. Like steak and hash browns, which actually works out really well with some fresh veggies. 

  • We aren't as prepared for an emergency as we thought. Because a lot of our stuff is in the fridge and freezer, or a lot of stuff that goes into dishes (like sauces or butter or meat) are going bad in our non working fridge. We have a food storage of canned goods and dry-freeze food. But all the good stuff is in the fridge. 

  • Some cities will offer you a rebate on your old fridge and haul it off for you.  It might only be about $30, but that $30 will now go towards my parents new, very expensive, nice fridge.  You can find out if your city does by looking at your city's website. 

  • Always have a back up of some kind! Lucky for me, my parents live super close and have extra space in their freezer so when my freezer and fridge break down I can take my frozen (or supposed to be frozen) food there and store it until we get a new fridge. 

Newly stocked fridge. We forgot several things that we needed at the store, but at least we got the most of it. 

Tuesday night we got our new, to us, fridge. And I was super happy. Once we got it installed and dinner taken care of, J and I went to the grocery store.  We bought lots of great things to stock our fridge with and now things are alright again. Except that we forgot to buy more tortillas for J's quesadillas that she loves so much. So back to the store we will go, just for those important tortillas.

As a side note, my super awesome uncle, Guy Francis, is an artist.  He does an art drop day once in a while and happened to do one on Tuesday night at the grocery store we were shopping at. As soon as I found the clue, J and I were in treasure hunt mode. And we found our treasure. J was super excited about it, but let's be honest about this, I was at least as excited as she was. Also, please ignore how super long my neck looks in this picture. 

Have you ever had an "appliance emergency" before?

What do you make for dinner when there is nothing to make for dinner?


  1. Aren't parents the best? So glad your parents are close by and you didn't loose all of your food. I have had a frig go out and it's awful. I love how you wrote down what you learned! You're so positive, I learned that I'm a complete jackass to everyone when mine went out! LOL Hope you enjoy your new frig and have a wonderful week! xo

    1. Oh I did my fair share of stressing and being rude to others. I tried not to, but it was stressful because we were also getting ready to go on our cruise. We are loving the new one though. So glad I didn't have to worry about it when I was gone.