Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Fun Utah Survey

The other day, I was scrolling through Facebook and saw an article about a few things  that only people from Utah could understand.  Being from Utah, I obviously had to read through it and make sure I knew the answers.

1. How do you make fry sauce? First of all, if you haven't tried fry sauce, whether you've lived in Utah or not, it's a must! So you mix ketchup and mayo and then you have fry sauce. Do it.

2. How do you pronounce Tooele?  Too-Ill-uh

3. Why might someone's car be covered in Oreos or silly string before prom? Do other states not ask to prom in some clever way?

4. What does the symbol of the beehive represent in Utah?  I'll be honest, this one made me think back to elementary school for the answer. And then I googled it to make sure not to lead anyone astray. It goes along with the Utah state moto "Industry". The state insect is also the honeybee.

5. What does Stockton to Malone reference? John Stockton broke a record made by Magic Johnson when he made a bounce pass to Karl Malone. I remember that happening but I don't remember what really happened because I didn't understand basketball. So don't be super impressed and think I know what I'm talking about when it comes to basketball, I don't. 

6. Why are there crowds of people in the SLC airport holding "return with honor" signs?  Really? Again, it isn't a normal thing for people to send off or welcome their missionaries home with signs? That's sad.  For those of you who aren't members of our church, I can understand this question though.  It's one way to welcome home our missionaries who have been out, serving the Lord in many different parts of the world for two years. We are excited and happy to have them home, and we are proud that they chose to serve for the two years.

(I don't know these people. :) I just googled homecoming signs )

7. What color of Jello is Utah best known for?  Well, for some reason it's green.  I like my mom's green jello but I honestly haven't seen it any other times besides family parties. 

8. Who showed up in Utah to declare "This is the place" Brigham Young and the rest of the Mormon Pioneers. It's part of U.S history. 

9.  How does a local say 9,000 south? It took me a long time to figure this out, mostly because I haven't ever lived in SLC. But you say it 9th south. **correction, thank you to my great friend Britt who clarified that this would actually be called 90th south. I've lived here my whole life and I'm still learning.**

10. What do we celebrate on the 24th of July?  This is the day that the Pioneers got to Utah and settled here. So we celebrate Pioneer day, and it's a great holiday, a lot like the 4th of July here. 

11.How does a local say the following words: For (fer) Deal (dill) Milk (melk? I always say milk...) Mountain (drop the t) Pillow (pellow). And while we are at it, apparently people think that because Utahns talk this way, it makes us rude and impolite. Why would the way we talk make us that way? Just because some southerners or new englanders talk differently I don't think the way they talk makes the rude. Excuse me!

12. where can you buy the world's best pork salad or burrito? Cafe Rio....right?

13. Who is your friend in the diamond business? The Shane Company, at the corner of State St and 7200  South. Open weekdays 'til 8, Saturday 'til 5, Closed Sundays.  Also online at . 

14. Where can you ride the Colossus? Lagoon. Duh. 

15. Why would you be excited about good powder? I don't know. I don't really get very excited about any kind of snow. But powder makes the best snow boarding and skiing snow. So people like it. 

16. What is a DTR? Determine The Relationship talk. Do people not talk about what their relationships are becoming, you know, make sure you're on the same page?

17. What is the story behind the seagull being Utah's state bird? The crickets came and destroyed the crops, the seagull came and destroyed the crickets and then became the state bird. 

18. What is the second line in the following song: Utah People working together, Utah___What a great place to be!"  I don't expect anyone else, (not from Utah) to know that. It's the state song, which, as a side note, my great uncle wrote the words to. Pretty cool huh?

19. Whats the name of the red arch on the license plate? Well, this is one that more people should know. It's called Delicate Arch. And it's a pretty popular place.

20. What is a Utah bump? I don't know. I can honestly say I've never heard this term. But, they may be referring to what other states call their mountains, they are more like bumps to us. **apparently utah bump refers to the pouffy hair. Let me just say, that this is not all of Utah, just certain parts of Utah. Now I know what people are talking about if I ever hear this term.**

21. Which is better, the U or BYU? I don't think that every Utahn would agree on this question. But I would go for BYU over the U.

What state do you live in?

What makes your home town special?


  1. Bahaha, this was too funny. Although 9000 is 90th south! 900 is 9th :) Just FYI (like it really matters....). Also the Utah bump (or pouf) is when girls rat their hair really huge! :)

    1. Hahaha see, lived here my whole life and still learning what some of these things mean. Lol the pouf. Now it makes sense, although I'd say that's mostly Spanish fork area and not all of Utah :)