Wednesday, September 30, 2015

8 Things To Do When You Feel Overwhelmed

Life can get hectic. And with J in pre-school and needing to switch our routines around, and with the change in the season, my to-do list gets longer and longer.

We have been super busy since summer, and we still have a lot of fun and exciting things happening soon.  Add that to the amount of things I want and need to get done in order to get my house, and myself, ready for the temps to drop and the holidays to come, I sometimes get a little stressed and overwhelmed. For example, here are a few things we want/need to get done in October:

General Conference (cannot wait!)
Clean carpets
Potty train M
Race (also super excited.)
Field trip
Dr's appointment
Garth Brooks concert (That's right, I'm going!)

And those are just the things that aren't in our daily routine. Several of them are things that I've really been looking forward to. But mix them in with school, cleaning, cooking, running, blogging, being a mom, and fitting in date nights, it's a little stressful.

As we all know, too well, when you start to feel stressed and overwhelmed, the to do list usually doesn't get done. Instead it gets pushed to the back burner and starts to grow longer and longer while we try to ignore it. Then, when we finally do focus on the to do list, the cycle happens all over again. So how do you keep this from being the norm? Here are a few things I try to do when I start to get overwhelmed with everything on my plate.

Make a list. Not just in your mind, but an actual, tangible list that you can physically see and hold and cross things off of.  I don't know why this helps me, I'm not normally a list maker. But there is something about seeing everything written down that helps me feel more calm and focused. Maybe it's because I realize there isn't quite as much as I thought, or maybe it's just because I feel like I wont forget anything, but for what ever reason, it's comforting to write it down. 

Ask for help. This is one I struggle with. I'm not the kind of person to ask for a baby sitter so I can go to a store or clean my house. And I'm certainly not one to ask help cleaning or doing my laundry. But recently, we had two families move in on either side of us. They both have little kids the same age as my girls.  I never ask them directly for help, really, but I know that whenever they offer to have the girls come play, or take the girls to school, I get so much more crossed off that list.  And, in return I try to invite their kids over to play as well.

Schedule things out. We have a schedule for shopping, and cleaning and even for my running.  But you can even schedule out other things too. For example, this blog.  I schedule a time for my writing and editing, I schedule out what day my posts go live on, and then I schedule out my social media.  While it can sometimes be a lot of work, it really helps me feel like I can go do other things and not just sit here writing for you all, all day every day.  And though I love this little space, it's really nice that I can turn the computer off and go focus on other things in my life too.

Say no to something. When your list is growing longer and longer and then someone asks you to come to a play date, you don't want to be rude, it would be nice to go do that...but you have so much to do! It's ok to say "You know, that would be great. But this week isn't going to work for me. Maybe we can do something next week?" or "That would be great. I have some errands I need to get done. Would it be alright if I let my little one come play while I do that? Or maybe we can meet at the park after the errands are done?"  You don't have to do every little thing you're invited to. Even if it is nice to switch things up sometimes.

Use the time you have.  I just mean, be more productive with the free time you do have. I know that I have fallen into the habit, once in a while, when my kids are playing nicely together, I waste a lot of time looking at my phone.  Those are times when you can be cleaning a bathroom or doing the dishes.  It's one thing crossed off the list.
When J is at school and M is napping, I use that time to do the things that I need to do for this blog. If I'm good about getting those things done, I can read, or nap or watch tv or whatever else I want to do to relax. But I make sure this is done first.

We don't skip nap time. First of all, why would someone even want to skip their kid's nap time? It's the only quiet we get around here.  If you feel like you're going to get way more done if you let the little ones skip naps and take them to the store instead, you might be disappointed.  I've always said do what works for your family, and I'll stick to that. But I know that when I skip nap times in order to get more things done or let the girls have play time with cousins and friends, I end up getting less done that I would have if naps happened.

Do a little at a time. Going along with scheduling, don't feel like you have to do it all at once. Set a day for each thing you need to do. Give yourself a time limit and stick to it. Set an alarm if you have to. "I'm going to clean for 30 minutes today" might be all you need. When the 30 minutes are up, move on to a different, more relaxing activity before trying to conquer more on the list. This helps you feel like it's a little more manageable and not so tedious.
If you need to also schedule in breaks, do it, just make sure to get some time to yourself to do whatever it is that makes you happy and relaxed. For me, that's when I run.

Enlist your family.  When it comes to stuff around the house, I always ask the girls to help (Trev is pretty good at helping without being asked). Having them help me with household chores not only gets my to-do list marked off faster, but it teaches the girls how to keep their room clean and how to take care of their things.  Now, this being said, it doesn't always work well and I almost always have to ask them 20 times before they will start working, but if they will help clean up the markers that they haven't played with for an hour, I can dust while they start cleaning them up and vacuum as soon as they are done. When they get a little older, they will have more chores, like cleaning their room and bathroom on their own.

Take a break. On days that I've worked really hard but nothing seemed to get done, I say "maybe tomorrow" and I try to relax a little bit.  Sometimes I even say "it's find- it-yourself night for dinner!" which means I have cereal, Trev has a sandwich and the kids have chicken nuggets, instead of me making a full-on meal that will take a long time to clean up.
It's ok to do that once in a while. If you're marking things off your list all week and then have one day where it seems that nothing gets done, it's not a big deal. Take a breather, watch a movie, soak in the tub. Do what you need to do to relax and prepare for tomorrow.

What makes you feel overwhelmed?

What do you do to make yourself focused and ready to conquer the list?

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

An Idaho Trip with a Run

I've said this a couple times, I'm sure, but running when you're away from your home town is hard. This last weekend, we went up to visit family in a tiny little town in Idaho called Ashton.

It's a long drive for the girls, so they were really happy to get there and to see that the neighbors had a dog, who was very eager to play.

When we go to Ashton, our days are filled full with lots of relaxing with family. The girls loved being able to just sit and color all day long with Grandma Betty.

I planned to run at least one day that we were there. It is 100% ok to take a break from working out while you're on vacation.  But I have a 5k coming up in just a few weeks and my runs have felt offish lately. I needed to run to stay loose and focused. 

This run felt extremely off. I don't know if it was that I decided to run at a grassy park, instead of on the road, or the food I had eaten. Probably a mixture of both. But I felt super slow and tired the whole time.  

There was a few minute pause between the last couple of miles, in order to let Trev and the girls know I was ready to head back to the house.  My phone stopped recording at that point but while I waited for them to come back, I did little laps around the church right by his grandma's house.  So all in all, I ran 3.2 miles in 27 minutes. It was pretty slow for my usual 5k. But it got done.  Hopefully in the next week and a half my legs will get back to work and I'll have a few better runs.

What do you do when you have an off day?

Do you prefer running on grass or the street?

Monday, September 28, 2015

Q&A A Day for Creatives

Recently I got a new journal that is different from any journal I've ever had.  I was a little unsure about getting it because I don't write in a journal all that much anymore. But the more I read about it, the more I wanted to try it.

The journal is called Q&A a day For Creatives.  There are a couple of things that make this journal different from others.

First, this journal gives you prompts every day to help your mind start to flow with creative ideas.  Some of the prompts ask you to draw something, some ask for an explanation, some are just questions.  I'm not much of an artist, so instead of drawing a lot of pictures, I chose to add photographs where I can.

Another thing that makes this journal different is that it's a four year journal.  Each page has four boxes, all with separate year dates in them.  The fun thing about this, is that you can see through out the years how your creativity, and your style changes.

I've really enjoyed this journal and I would recommend this journal to anyone.  Especially those who are creative or looking for a creative outlet.  I've been loving this journal because it has helped me come up with ideas for the blog. I'm also always looking forward to seeing what the prompt is for the day. I like coming up with ideas of what I can write, draw or paste in there.

Since it's a creativity journal, the sky is the limit with how you fill in the squares. I've heard some people treat it more like a scrapbook, and just glue pictures and memorabilia in it. Some people just write in the boxes. I do a combination of all of the creative things.

If you're interested in buying this book, you can find it HERE.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review from . All opinions are my own. 

Heres a little Q&A for you today:

How often do you write in a journal?

Friday, September 25, 2015

September Month in Review.

How are we already at the end of September?  I think the months are going by faster and faster.  Here's a little review of September and some things you might have missed. Linked up with Jenna, as usual.

First off, J has been in pre-school for a whole month now and she's loving it.  She has her two best friends in her class and she pics up on so much! 

Our fridge went out at the beginning of September. 4 days is too many days with out a fridge. I learned a lot, and now we have a new (to us) one!

While shopping for food to put in our new fridge, we went on a treasure hunt and found this gem. My uncle is the artist of this picture so that makes things even cooler. 

Trevon and I went to the Bahamas. It was amazing! We had a great time and already miss it. You can read all about that trip HERE.

My workouts lately have been random.  A lot of speed workouts on the treadmill, but now it's time to get used to running in cooler weather.  

We had our first field trip for J's school. The fire station was so fun to learn about, and we got to take a picture in my grandpa's old engine. That was so neat!

This little one is getting too big!  She certainly hit the terrible twos and we deal with a lot of tantrums. But she's also super sweet and says lots of cute things that make my heart melt. 

We have been doing a lot of braiding around here lately. J called this braid an Elsa braid. I'm sure it will be making several appearances in the next little while.

 What did your September look like?

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Treadmill Fail and Speed Workouts

Last night, my sister in law, Laura and I went for a run at our clubhouse.  We'd planned a speed workout on the treadmill for the day.  The reason we do some of our speed on a treadmill is that it's really easy to keep track of miles and pace and all of that stuff. Plus, when you do a speed work out on the treadmill, you can't slow down with out realizing it, which sometimes happens when I do speed outside.

The thing about our clubhouse is that it's not as nice as clubhouse weight rooms sometimes are.  We have three treadmills, which is great. But, out of the three treadmills, one works great.  You can't even run on one of them with out the belt slipping and you tripping, and the other one works well, except for the belt needs to be replaced because the traction is all worn off on it. So two of the three could cause injury if you're not careful.
We've told this to the HOA several times (you'd think if we are paying them that much money a month, they could get something fixed), They almost never even respond.

Last night while running, a fuse blew and all the power went out.  At least we had gone through most of our workout. This is the 4th time this has happened.  At least this time we only had 2 minutes left of the whole thing. After shooting the HOA board a quick, frustrated email, they finally responded today only to ask what my name and address was... This better mean I'll get some kind of thank you for saving someone from falling on the treadmill along with them fixing it. But I doubt that.

So we are rearranging our work outs.  Because there's no promise that the power at the club house will even be back on by our next speed workout.  So we are going to be doing several different speed workouts outside.  Farleks, intervals, hill sprints, and tempo runs. If we can find a free set of stairs we might do that too.

Speed workouts are important at this point in the game. With only two and a half weeks to go until our race, we need to get the speed workouts in to cut our time down and, hopefully, get a PR.

Running selfies are much easier when you don't have a headphone cord in the way 

I guess it will be fun to incorporate different speed workouts into our routine though, if we are looking at the positive side. Plus it's been really nice weather so at least we get to enjoy that for a little longer. (Please bless that it will be warm-ish the morning of race day--I hate running in the cold).

How many speed workouts a week do you do?

What do you do when you don't have a treadmill?

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Today I Will...

Today I will...

Try not to worry so much about things that are being missed or that are not going to get done. This has been a problem for me lately. You have to pick and choose sometimes and the things that you end up choosing should bring you happiness and peace and should not cause stress. Today I will pick the things that will bring me peace and I will stop worrying about other things being missed.

Today I will...

Drink more water. Water is really good for you and I've been slacking. So today I will carry my water bottle around and I will drink it all day long.

Today I will...

Make sure I have time for myself.  Taking time for yourself isn't a selfish thing. Taking time for yourself lets you re-group and relax so that, when the time comes, you can take care of others.  Reading, running, watching a movie, whatever it might be, I will find time to take care of me. 

Today I will...

Focus on what is good and right for my family, and not care about what other people say or think we need to be doing.  If we are doing what we know the Lord wants us to be doing, we are doing things right.  There's no need to worry about someone's comment or what other people are doing.

Today I will...

Try to embrace fall.  I really struggle with the weather getting cooler. While I like fall, I hate winter and I love summer. It's always hard to see the heat go, but I will try to get excited about fall.  Fall brings beautiful colors, hot chocolate, books, and movies, and fun decorations. Fall can be good. 

Today I will...

Be brave.  I will find new avenues in different areas in life. I will try something new. I will look for new ideas. I will be brave with my words and with my actions. 

What are you doing today?

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Lots of Speed Workouts and Foam Rolling for Recovery

Well, I don't know about you, but fall is certainly making an appearance around here. It's fun to see the color changing and feel the change coming. It's always fun to have the seasons change when you have kids.  They get so excited about it and theres so many fun activities you can do.  But, when fall comes, it brings the cold with it.

I was loving the warm weather on the cruise, and I came back to cooler weather here. The only bad thing about that, is that I don't like running in the cold.  And let me tell you, I've struggled running in it the last few days.

We took our speed work out inside.  It hurt for the first few minutes because I went to pump class the day before with my mom. I don't remember everything that we did in class that day, but I was feeling it for the next few days. 

Anyone know a good stretch that will get that spot? I seriously tried everything I know and I could not stretch it out. That was the tightest muscle on my body. Running helped loosen it up pretty well though. 

I'm still getting used to these headphones. I love that they are wireless, but they feel pretty big on my tiny ears. If you're looking for a good pair of earbuds that are wireless (especially if you have normal sized ears) you can find these HERE.  

I saw these clouds on my way home from the clubhouse.  The picture doesn't look great, but the clouds looked pretty good in real life. 

One way to help sore, tight muscles, is to foam roll.  I'm a little late with foam rolling.  I got this foam roller for my birthday and I love it.  It only takes a few minutes. I use it after a hard pump class or a long run.  And I'm always surprised how much it helps.  It also helps you with preventing injury. And who doesn't like a little massage?  If you haven't tried foam rolling yet, I highly suggest getting one and using it regularly. 

How were your workouts last week?  

Anyone have a fun gym class they go to regularly?

Monday, September 21, 2015

Our Bahamas Cruise on The Norwegian Sky

As promised, here is the recap of our Bahamas cruise.  Get ready for a picture overload.  Just as fair warning, this will probably make you want to book the next flight and cruise ship you can. 

Trev and I saved up for quite a while to be able to go on this cruise. It was totally worth it. If you're here looking for advice on a Bahamas cruise, the best advice I can give you is GO! A cruise was something that Trev never even cared to do, before this.  It wasn't something that ever caught his attention. Then some of our friends started to talk about a cruise they went on (happened to be this exact same cruise.) And that's what caught his attention. After hearing how amazing theirs was, he was on board (and I was always game for a cruise).

We started to look around for good cruises that would fit our time frame and budget. We found one we wanted and we were getting ready to book it.  Shortly before we actually did book it, we got the news that Trevon's mom, my amazing mother in law, had breast cancer and would start therapy the week we were hoping to leave. We knew it would be best to switch dates and put it off so that we could be here when she needed us. And we are very grateful that we did. 
When we found another cruise we were interested in, we brought it up to my parents.  They had been on a few cruises before, and we hadn't so we didn't even know where to start.  Once they heard we were planning on going, they wanted to come too! So the four of us found the perfect cruise on NCL and booked it.  

We chose NCL mostly because it's one that my parents had been on and really enjoyed. We'd also heard that Carnival was a good company but a little more of a party boat. And while we like to party we don't love that kind of party. Norwegian ended up being the perfect cruise line for us. 

We dropped the girls off at the babysitter's, kissed and loved them a million times, goodbye (it's the first time we've been aways from them for more then 24 hours).  And then we met my parents and headed to the air port.

At 12:55 AM we were on the airplane, headed on our way.  It was only my second time flying, on a commercial airline, ever.  So I found out really quickly that when they say you don't sleep very well on a plane, it's true. You just don't.  I think between our red eye flight, a lay over, and getting to the port, we slept maybe 3 hours. 

Once we got on the ship, we went straight to the buffet for lunch.  No food and no sleep, we needed something in our bodies.  


We decided we'd better take some pictures and send them to the girls while we could.  We had a chance at getting a little service here and there but we weren't positive that would happen.  It was good that we did because we ended up not getting any service until the day we came home.  It wasn't a huge deal, if there was an emergency the ship has a phone number people at home can call and leave messages with.  It's expensive though, so only for emergencies!

We went back to our room and slept for a few hours.  To be honest, I don't know how long we slept for, but I couldn't get off of the bed until they sounded the test alarm.  When you go on a cruise, they have you go through an emergency drill so you know what to do in case of an emergency.  It didn't take long and it got me up and moving so that by the time the drill was done, I was ready to explore the ship. 

The bad thing about not having our phones working is that we left them in the room and I didn't have a quick way to take pictures. My pictures all came from my real camera which I didn't really carry around the ship. 

First thing we checked out was the ice cream. Because all you can eat soft serve ice cream is a huge deal. Then we just walked around the ship a little bit, found the gym, the restaurants, checked out my parents room (they had a balcony).  And then we found some dinner. I have to admit that the food wasn't as impressive as everyone made it seem. We heard a lot that you go on a cruise to eat, and the food was good, it just wasn't amazing. Maybe I'm just super lucky to have grown up with parents that are really good cooks, though. 

One of the best things about a cruise is that someone is cleaning, cooking and doing the dishes for you.  Every time you go back to your room, someone has cleaned it and left a little towel animal on the bed. Trevon's favorite was the monkey. Mine was my parent's elephant, but here are a few of the animals for you to see. 

Our first port was the Grand Bahamas Island. We hadn't planned an excursion before hand this day.  But we were lucky that the segways still had places open.  We considered snorkeling and jeeping, but my family goes jeeping quite often and we were snorkeling the next day.  We all thought the segways looked like a lot of fun.  

After having a huge breakfast on the deck of eggs, bacon, hash-browns, toast, and fruit, we gathered our things and headed off the ship to meet our group.  They took us across the island in a tour bus and dropped us off in a little cove area that had folding chairs, segways, and our tour guides.  

They handed out our safety gear (see how attractive it all was below) and ran through how to ride the segways and then let us practice while they got everyone ready.  You can't just hop on a segway and go. It's not hard, but there's a little more to it than that. You steer with your handle bars by pushing them side to side, not by turning them like you would a bike, and then you can either stop and go with your handle bars or with your feet. I found it was easier to use my feet for speed since my handle bars were how I steer. 

They took us around to a few of the popular sites to see. And when we were done, we returned our gear and they walked us over to this little restaurant that had a little piece of heaven in it's back yard. 

After spending a quick hour there, we got back on the tour bus, and they took us back to the ship.  This was a good time for me to get in my work out.  So Trev and I changed and went up to the gym. By surprise, my parents were there too.

This ended up being the only real workout I'd do the whole trip.  More on that here, if you're interested. The other days we would get back to the ship and be completely exhausted and had no extra energy to run (the other days we still got "workouts" in with our excursions though).  This wasn't the most beautiful view on the whole trip, but it was fun to see the ocean while I was running. 
I got done with my work out and felt like a speed demon! The treadmill told me I went 3.5 in 18 minutes! And I got all excited (thinking "man, I am cruising here!) and turned the treadmill off on accident before taking a picture. So I told Trev how fast I was going and he didn't believe me, which was a little disappointing.  He got on the treadmill I was on to test it out. After running for a minute, he noticed that the distance was in Kilometers, not miles. 3.5k in 18 minutes was a little more normal than 3.5 miles in 18 minutes, it made way more sense but it was pretty disappointing to find out I'm not actually just a really fast runner at sea level. (Wha-wha).

The next day we were at the Grand Stirrup Cay, which is NCL's own private island.  There is no walk off port here, you have to ride in a tender boat to the island. It's not a huge change and only takes a few minutes to get from the boat to the island. They have so many excursions you can choose from here.  We decided to do snorkeling. We debated for a long time whether to bring our own snorkeling gear or rent it from them. My parents ended up bringing their own, which they had bought several years ago and used over and over, and we ultimately decided it would be best not to buy our own gear (not sure how much it would be used) and just rent it there. This was great for packing a little lighter, but my snorkeling mask wasn't in the best condition. Everything else worked great but half way through our excursion my mask started to leak so I had to clear it out by either blowing through my nose or coming up out of the water to dump it. I'm sure part of this was just because I'm new to snorkeling and I am not very good at the proper way to clear out my mask, but it made things a little difficult. 
Before going on the cruise, we were looking up this excursion and the reviews on it, we saw that several people had said that they didn't see really any fish.  This is because the snorkeling excursion on this island is a man made ship wreck and there are a lot of people around it. That being said, I was really surprised with how much we actually did see. There were several sting rays, a few barracudas, and some big schools of other tropical fish.  They had an area roped off with buoys so you could see where to stay, but they didn't want you to go out further than that. If you could, though, you'd be much more likely to find bigger and more variety of fish.    

When we were done with snorkeling, Trev and I went back to the beach and sat in the water while we waited for my parents to come back.  It was nice to sit and visit and just relax.

NCL has hired photographers who go on the excursions with you and take your pictures everywhere you go.  While we were sitting on the beach, one of them came up and asked us to pose for one picture. Next thing we knew, we were in a full blown Sports Illustrated type of photo session. I think the photographer liked the challenge of the size difference between Trev and I (a little over a foot difference). After probably 10-15 minutes, the photographer was finally done and my parents came back just in time. We decided to go find some lunch.  On this island, the cruise ship provides lunch on the island so you don't have to go back to the ship if you don't want to.  We opted for that since we'd likely be eating the same thing on the ship anyway.

After relaxing on the beach for a little bit longer, we decided to go back to the ship and get our cameras to do some picture taking on the island. While waiting in line to get back on the tender boat, there was a big crowd coming off while we were trying to get on.  Some 14 year old kid saw me trying to get on and decided to be super nice (I'm pretty sure he thought I was his age) and after checking me out, cleared a way for the four of us to make it through. At least this time I got something out of looking way younger than I actually am. (There was someone every day that thought I was way younger than I actually am. Which is good if they think you're in you 20's instead of 40's or something but it's not great when they are asking you if you're older than 18.)

Here are some of the pictures we got while walking around and exploring Great Stirrup Cay:

Our ship, The Norwegian Sky

Trev Playing in the sand, looking for sea shells to take home to the girls. 

The colors of the flowers were unreal! 

This little humming bird stuck around long enough for me to get some great pictures. 

Look how bright and vibrant those colors are! 

We have to come up with poses that don't require a lot of standing in order to get a good picture sometimes. 

There were a few old ruins that were kind of neat. 

We were all really worn out by the time we got back to the ship.   We went right to our rooms, showered and headed for dinner.  This night was flat out disappointing food wise. It's not the chefs fault, though. It's hard to please this family with Italian food. My dad lived in Italy for a little while and so we grew up eating "the good stuff". 
There was also a table of people next to us who were a little obnoxious. Talking a little too rude and a little too loud for another table sitting that close. It made for a good laugh later though. 
We found some of the onboard entertainment to go to after dinner.  That night it was a comedian, and he was pretty good.  After which, we went up for more ice cream for the night, and then went to bed. 

The last day we woke up in the beautiful place. Nassau, Bahamas.  I loved all the colorful buildings! This was the one excursion we paid for before the cruise. We figured it would fill up super fast and wanted to be sure to get a spot. So we went to Atlantis.

We took all of our stuff with us because there is way more than just a water park here.  There's a huge aquarium, shopping, restaurants, and casinos. But I took my camera mostly in hopes of getting some great pictures of the buildings. 

We started out in the lazy river, it was the best lazy river I've ever been in. It was more like lazy rapids. One fun thing about the lazy river is that it also served as a way to get off and go on some of the slides.  My parents aren't usually ride people. They don't love to go down the big slides or roller coasters (mostly my mom). But they were good and went down a couple of the slides with us.  After a few rides down, though, they were ready to go explore. So while Trev and I continued going down the slides, they went walking around.  

The most popular slide there is called Leap of Faith.  It's basically straight down. I like slides and rides and all of that stuff, but this one made me pretty dang nervous. It took me a some talking into, mostly me talking myself into it, to actually go down. In the end, I'm really glad I didn't chicken out. After doing all the slides, we met back up with my parents and did one last run on the lazy river before heading back to the buses.  

Like I said, we took our cameras in hopes of getting some fun pictures of the town and all the buildings. This is all I got a picture of during the excursion. 

They had a big pond with some huge turtles in it. This picture doesn't show how big this guy is very well though. 

After getting back on the ship, I took my camera up to the top deck and put my big lens on so I could get some of the pictures I was hoping for.

We got cleaned up and then met my parents at their room.  It wasn't quite time to eat so we decided to go out on their deck and take some more pictures while the boat pushed off.

Then we went to dinner. Which ended up being better than the night before. Good food and no obnoxious people.  The waiter that night was awesome too. 

Since it was our last night on the boat, we decided it would be a good idea to go up and get some pictures of the sunset. 

My parents recently learned how to take selfies. 

We got some really great shots of the sunsets. Here are a few of them:

Then we found some more onboard entertainment. Battle of the sexes. It was a fun show to go to that night. And an American Idol like show put on the by the on board cast.  After which we decided to go through the photo gallery and see all of the pictures the crew had got of us.  We found our SI shoot, along with all the photos they take of us getting off the ship and a few of us a dinner and around the ship. I tried to talk Trev into buying some from our SI shoot because I thought it would be a fun way to remember that funny memory. But, he didn't want to spend $10 on an 8x10, and honestly, neither did I. 

The next morning was the day we went home.  We were super excited to see our girls but I was really sad that our fun vacation was over.  We packed up and were off the ship by 9:00 AM. We had booked a later flight thinking it might take longer for us to get off the ship, so we ended up waiting for 6 hours in the airport. At least that gave us time to facetime with our girls a little bit and let them know we were on our way home.  We finally got on the plane and because we had slept really well the night before, we stayed awake this time and watched a couple of movies on our phones. 

We had a layover in Minnesota and after an hour, we were back in the air, on our last leg of the trip.  Taking off from Minnesota, we had an awesome view of the sunset.  My phone didn't do it justice but here's a small idea. 

I can honestly say that the cruise was the most relaxing trip I have ever been on.  We didn't worry about doing one thing the whole time. We got to play all day every day and we got to sit around when we wanted. We ate endless amounts of food. And all the soft serve ice cream! I still get the urge to "go up and get an ice cream" all the time. I think I've also had some kind of dream about the cruise every night since then. 

What has been your most relaxing vacation?

Have you flown a lot? 
  This was only my second time. 

Ever been on a cruise? Where?