Thursday, August 6, 2015

Trevon Shares MovNat On The Blog

Guys, today I'm really excited to have Trevon joining us on the blog.  He's going to start adding a little bit here and there to the running and exercise posts that are here every Tuesday and Thursday.  

To start out, I asked him to tell us about how he found the type of work outs he does. It's called MovNat. I talked a little bit about MovNat before HERE.  And Trevon is going to be sharing what he knows about it in the coming months.  But first let me tell you a little bit about Trev. 

He graduated this last spring with a degree in exercise science.  He has always loved sports and working out.  He has a passion for being healthy and treating your body right.  He's a great husband and the best Daddy.  He enjoys getting the girls outside and moving and teaching them about a healthy life style. So now I'll turn this over to him. 

I have always been avid about working out. But in 2012 I started to get so involved with researching the “best workout.” And guess what I found? A whole lot of nothing. But upon researching, I came across a video on youtube titled “The Workout the World Forgot.” Since that video and researching on what it was all about, I found that this is the most practical, fundamental and foundational “workout program” you could ask for, and it’s called MovNat (moving natural).

 MovNat was founded in 2008 by Franch Man Erwan Le Corre. Men’s Health dubbed him as the Worlds Fittest Man in 2009 and referred to him as the “Modern Tarzan.” But he takes no credit to himself. He has been heavily involved in the history of physical education and other people whom trained/lived with this type of physical activity/daily living and play. The thing is that it slowly died off. Erwan took it upon himself to revive it so we as humans can find our “true nature” again through exercising in ways that we as humans are built to move and have always moved since we existed. His story, history and much more can be found HERE. I invite you to take a look and see for yourself to understand where I’m coming from and the history behind MovNat and Erwans studies/philosophies like “the zoo human syndrome.”

 To simply share, MovNat teaches that being beach-body-fit isn’t about having flat abs and a tight butt (sorry peeps). It’s about being able to swim out to someone who may be drowning and safely being able to bring him or her back to shore. It’s about being able to climb a wall, jump a gap, safely pick something up, etc. It’s about being strong to be useful/helpful. Do you want to look fit or be fit? As Erwan says “forming yourself into a physical capable human being is not a lifestyle option. It is a duty to yourself, your family, and your community.” But hey, train this way and you’ll look and be awesome. Win-win!

 There is so much I can say about MovNat (which I do have a mouthful of my own experience HERE) and so many things I can share about it, but there are plenty of articles, videos, podcasts, blogs, interviews, etc. about it that it’s better for you to read for yourself. But remember, you are built and designed to walk, run, jump, balance, climb, lift, carry, throw, catch, swim and defend. Remember when you were a kid? If not, watch the youngin’s around you. They don’t stop, drop and do push-ups, sit ups, pull-ups, etc. They climb trees, jump from benches, throw pinecones, sprint at ducks, pound their chest and eat dirt! Trust me, it is invigorating when moving/playing like a kid again, and MovNat connects highly with the natural movement of children and basis much of its principles from them.

 MovNat is evolutionary, instinctual, universal, practical, vital, adaptive, unspecialized, efficient, cooperative and environmental. It is the foundation for every human being. Do what you love to do and what makes you feel unstoppable, but don’t forget the basics to build a greater foundation of your specialties.  Don't take care of yourself like your life depends on it. Take care of yourself because your life depends on it. Explore your true nature, reconnect with yourself and the outdoors and get moving!

What are your favorite ways to play with children?

What is one work out you always look forward to doing? What is appealing about that work out?

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