Friday, July 31, 2015

How to Have a Happier Day

The other day, something that never happens, happened. Both of my girls napped at the same time. It was amazing. I almost didn't know what to do with the extra time I had. I decided to go through some old journals and read my scriptures.  Two things that I don't get to do often at all.

While I was looking through my journal, I found a little journal program that I'd started a while ago. It slowly faded away after having M because sleep was more important that writing in a journal at that point.

I had found an article on Pinterest called 10 Ways to be Happier in Your Own Home.  There were a few of the tips that I took and used in my life.

 I started the day with an intent, I'd pray every morning to help me live that intent to the fullest for that day.

I always make my bed so that was a given.

I started a journal, although instead of a one line gratitude journal, I wrote about my intent and then I found highlights of my day to add too it.

I made an effort to call one person a day. Because talking to an adult at least once a day, really helped my sanity.

I made sure that every room I left was clean. This also helped my sanity. It made me a happier mom.

By writing this all in a journal it kept me accountable. I felt the need to do it so that I could see God's blessings in my life.

The problem was that I stopped doing all these things.  Maybe I don't need to write them down in a journal every night, but I do need to start working on all of these little things again.  It's amazing how many more good days you have by doing this kind of programs (if you want to call it that).
Lately, my house is a mess. I feel like I can't keep up somedays.  My days go on with out real meaning because I don't set an intent. And I fail to notice all the good little things, the tender mercies, in my life.

I also noticed, while reading the journal, that J had been just as hard as M is starting to be as an almost 2 year old.  Isn't it interesting that we forget those things?  We remember that they were hard, but we don't remember every little thing.  Like when J would puke because she threw up so much. That's not something I've forgotten, but it's something I read and was glad, and reminded that I'm blessed, that M doesn't do that.

I was reminded, too, of how great it is that Trevon's job doesn't require him to work evenings anymore. It's really nice to have him home at nights to help put the girls to bed.

The point of this post is that if you're looking for a way to make your days a little happier. If you need a little help seeing the tender mercies that you're blessed with in your life. A good way to start is to:

  • Make your day meaningful by having setting an intent for the day. Something you want to get done, or work on. 

  • Write down what you're thankful for and what your highlights from the day are. That way on the bad days you can go back and remember that you are blessed. 

  • Clean your house. It's amazing how happy walking into a clean room can make me. 

What are your favorite tricks to help you have a happier day?

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Recovery Run

Monday I went back to my pump class at Vasa. If you are looking for a good morning work out, Kara's pump class on Monday mornings at the University Vasa is great. I've been going to it for almost 3 years now. It's kind of why I always renew my gym pass.

After that class I was pretty sore on Tuesday though. It's been a couple of weeks since I've gone because I've been focusing so much on running.  So I knew Tuesday's run needed to be a slow recovery run.

Recovery runs for me mean that I avoid a lot of hills, some is fine but not too many. I go slow and I make it a long run. Around 5 miles is usually what I try to make my recovery runs.

The weather Tuesday was perfect for running. Seriously, I couldn't have asked for a more perfect running temp.

My average pace was about a 9 minute mile. Nice and easy. This is always hard for me. I have a really hard time knowing how slow I'm going. For that reason, I should learn not to use tracking devices on these runs. I had to remind myself several times that it was only a recovery run and I shouldn't be pushing it too much. 

Speaking of that, I love what Janea said that her friend told her the other day: 

"After I finished my sixth one I told my friend that I was pretty tired but that I still had another one in me.   She being the smart runner that she is, told me that when I feel like that it means that it is time to cool-down.  She talked to me about the importance of not digging too deep in my speed workouts especially since I have a race this Saturday.  Races are for giving it your all… speedwork is for giving a lot but not everything in the tank.  You should feel like you still have something to give at the end of your speedwork session.  If you give it all on the track or roads often during training then you will probably end up burned out or injured. "

It was a really great reminder for me because that is something that I have struggled with since high school. I remember thinking that if I gave everything during practice, I'd get better and I'd be faster and better at racing. NOPE. That's not how this works. You have to give yourself a break. You have to save some of that energy for the race. Oh, there are just so many things I wish I knew about running back then. 

I've been working on refueling myself a little better after runs.  A lot of times I'd forget to eat something or I'd just have something quick and mostly junky.  But there are some problems with that. I'm certainly not trying to lose weight, so not eating after a work out is not a good options. And junky food doesn't do anything good for your body.  So lately I've been loving strawberries with whipped cream on top. Whipped cream is really low in calories and it's super delicious on top of strawberries. 
Today I decided to try this new smoothy. I got a smoothy recipe book that I'll be doing a review on soon, but for now I'm sharing this smoothy.

Strawberries, Kiwi, O.J., and yogurt. Makes a pretty good strawberry kiwi smoothy. I honestly wasn't expecting it to taste all that great. And I don't love having to do dishes after a run, but it was a good and healthy snack. It is supposed to give me lots of protein, and help my immune system. It's also unsweetend.  

More on the whole book later though. 

What is your favorite snack after a work out?

What is your ideal temperature to run in?

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

More than "Just a Stay at Home Mom"

Today I was struggling with writing. I couldn't find anything I wanted to write about bad enough that the words just flowed out of my mind.  This happens from time to time and when that does there are a few things I do to get ideas.

  1. Read other blogs. Because reading other's ideas usually gets juices flowing. 
  2. Look on pinterest. Because, again, other's ideas help and can be tweaked to fit my blog.
  3. Look for inspiration around my house that remind me of the things I love and that I'm passionate about.
  4. Look at my notes on my phone. 

Today, I found a note on my phone that I had written during church several weeks ago. 

I'd been praying to know what I was doing wrong in my life to make these people be so rude towards me. And right there in the middle of the lesson that had nothing to do with this trial in my life, I got this answer in my heart, and I had to write it down.  

You probably noticed that the date on this was in April.  I had actually forgotten all about this note, all about the trial all together until now. When I needed a little blogging inspiration, there it was. I feel that was another tender mercy to me.

And I hope that sharing this will touch someone else's life in a way that they need it.  If you're being put down in anyway right now. If anyone is telling you that your choice to be a stay at home mom, or your choice not to finish college or anything else is wrong, remember that you are in charge of you. And you have a purpose. 

For me, this problem happens to be all about staying home with my kids right now. Clearly that's what I get the flack from others about. And after thinking and praying about that issue for weeks, and more, God reminded me that I'm more than "just a stay at home mom".  It might be my job right now. But that shouldn't give me a label saying that being a stay at home mom is the only thing I know how to do.

Who gives these labels anyway?  And why do they have the say in what our value as a person is?  I know that by being a stay at home mom, I'm shaping the future through my children.  By being a stay at home mom, I'm able to share my feelings, beliefs and anything else on this blog. And maybe by doing that I can help shape the future even more.

Just because I no longer work as a full time photographer, dental assistant, day care teacher, or marketing assistant doesn't mean I didn't take any of those lessons and traits with me when I quit.  I can use every one of those things in my daily life still. I take pictures of my kids, I know what a cavity looks like and I teach my kids good hygiene, I still have a "teacher look" once in a while that I have to use when the kids start getting into trouble and I use a lot of what I learned in marketing in this blog (and lets be honest, I use some of it to bribe my kids too).

I used to hate when people asked me what I did. As if being a mom isn't enough, I was expected to have a job on the side. I still don't love the question, mostly because I don't know what to say.  I'm a mom, a blogger, a photographer, runner, and anything else under the sun. It reminds me of a story about Ann Romney that Mitt Romney shared at the UVU commencement a couple of months ago.

Ann had been asked to speak in some meeting that included a lot of successful, powerful women (and men) attending. The other women were asked to speak about their jobs, and Ann was too. She was nervous because she had decided to be a stay at home mom instead of work full time and that made her feel slightly inadequate in comparison to these other ladies. When she got up to speak, she told the group that her job was a therapist, a nurse, a chef, a maid, a teacher, a councilor, (the list went on) all of these things because she was a mother.

Now let me make it very clear that I'm not against mom's working. I understand that it's a personal choice and it's not my business what you choose to do with your day. Just make sure that what ever you choose to do is making a difference, for the better, in the world today.

What I am against is people telling women that they are living the wrong way. whether they choose to stay home or choose to work. There is no happy medium, it seems. But here's a suggestion. Instead of tearing each other down we support each other in these kinds of decisions.

After all, it's not your decision on what I do, it's mine. And if I feel that I'm giving my best every day to do what I know is best for me and my family, what else matters?

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Our Run with the Iron Cowboy

On Saturday James Lawrence (The Iron Cowboy) finished his 50th Ironman distance marathon in 50 days. He did one in each state. People told him it was impossible. They told him he would die doing it.  But he didn't listen to them. He knew that he could push himself physically and mentally and he WOULD finish his 50/50/50 challenge.

Why did he do it? James is on a mission to raise awareness to a huge problem in the U.S: childhood obesity. This generations could be the first generation that the children are not expected to out live their parents. Let's say that again: This generation, (our kids) are not expected to live longer than their parents. That means that a lot of parents are expected to have to bury their kids.

Did you know that one soda a day can raise your chance of being obese by 60%? Clearly soda isn't the only problem here. People just don't eat the way we used to. I'm the first to admit that I don't eat great. And, like James, I don't aim for perfection in eating. There has to be some wiggle room somewhere. I still let my kids eat candy and drink juice, just not every day. Not all the time.

There's more to health than the food we eat. It's the amount of sitting we do.  You have to sit all day at work, running errands in the car, you get home and sit on the couch to relax at the end of a tired work day. Kids get home from sitting all day at school and want to sit and play video games all afternoon.  This is what bugs me the most.

Again, I'm not perfect, and there are days that I definitly have days that I'm lazy, tired and don't feel like doing a whole lot. But I try to get out at least 5 days a week and get myself moving for an hour a day.  This brings me back to The Iron Cowboy's finale.

Trev and I found out late in the 50/50/50 challenge that it was ok to actually run the entire marathon with James. Actually, you could do the whole Ironman with him if you wanted. Anyway, as soon as we found that out, we started working at it. We wanted to run his last marathon with him here in Utah. You may have seen my other posts about getting ready for it HERE and HERE.

We watched him day after day complete another Ironman. I wasn't ever shocked. I was one who knew he was someone who could do it. But was amazed at the amount of people who kept showing up to support him. It made me a little proud that I was helping spread the word through my blog and through facebook. And Trevon and I were excited to run with him and to show our support that way.

About a week before the finale, Trev hurt his ankle. I'd been worried a little about that because Trev isn't normally a long distance runner. I knew I'd be ok if I listened to my body, but I was a little nervous about him getting injured. I learned in high school that if you increase your milage too fast you can hurt yourself bad. I learned it from experience.

Trev stayed off of it for a week as much as possible. We wanted him to be able to run the whole thing too. But, by Friday night, it was still bugging him bad enough to say no to the whole marathon. He decided to get up and do part of the swim with James instead.

This picture is super grainy because the flash didn't go off properly and it had to be lightened up a ton. That and it's a phone camera. He did get another picture that's not so grainy but no one is looking at the camera. 

The swim sounded like it was good but hard. James had some major hard moments during it. The water was cold and it seemed like a couple of people got confused on where to go. But even through those hard moments, the Iron Cowboy kept pushing.  He finished the swim and moved on quickly to the bike. 

Trev and I took the girls to spend the day up at my grandparent's cabin after that, I'll talk about that outing more in a later post though. We got home around 2:30 pm, and Trev took a nap to rest up while I got ready for the run.

We got to the run a little early. I decided not to do the full or even half marathon because I didn't want to make Trev just sit around and wait. I also knew that he wanted to do it too and would feel bad if I left to do it anyway. 

We got our bib numbers, took a picture, and waited around for James to finish his final laps before the 5k started. There were so many people who showed up. 

 When James started his finale 5k, we all followed him out on the run. We did loops around Electric Park at Thanksgiving point.  It was slow going at first. Trev and I were in the very back of the line and there were a ton of people. We quickly weaved our way in and out until we got to the front of the pack.  That's where we stayed, right with James, the rest of the run.  Being that far up in front was really great because we got to talk to his daughter, who is one of the sweetest 12 (I think?) year olds I've ever met. You could tell she just adores her dad and she's so proud of what he's done. We told her that we think what she's done was pretty amazing too. She's run every 5k with her dad this whole journey.  They seem to have a really great relationship.

Trev and I were lucky enough to get a picture while we were running with him.  We tried to be really courteous and polite doing so. There were so many people just running up to him and snapping pictures with out asking, which I'm sure he's probably used to by now, but I felt that, that was a rude way to do things.  We asked if we could get a picture with him, and he was very willing to let us.

The bad thing about being so close to him, in the front, was that there were tons of people trying really hard to get right up there too. Pushing and shoving...come on guys, lets not be violent about it. That's not what this is about. 

When we got done with our final lap, James had his wingmen kindly ask everyone to go back to where the finish line was so that James could finish up with them and his daughter crossing the finish line alone. That is something Trev and I both thought was right. So we all headed back to watch him finish. 

Trev got it on video:

James, the wingmen, his daughters and his wife, Sunny, all took a minute to thank everyone for their support and to explain why they were doing this one more time.  They were able to raise $68,000 for the Jamie Oliver foundation.  His daughter sang their own version of the cups song. Then there was a big raffle.

During the raffle, we had to do this.

Trev locked the keys in the car so we had Lehi Police come open our door. They were so nice to do that. There are other utah police departments that will not open your door for you unless it's an emergency. So thank you, Lehi Police. You guys are awesome. And to other police officers in Utah County, you could learn a thing or two from these guys. 

By the time we got back the raffle was done, which wasn't a huge deal because we had already donated money and didn't have extra to put into the raffle anyway. But we got to talk to some of the other people around us.  There were so many really great people who ran, biked, or swam with James that day. 

We got to take one more picture with him. He really is one of the nicest people I've ever met. I don't know him personally, but I can tell you that he took the time to take picture after picture and sign autographs. But he also thanked every person who talked to him or asked him for a picture, personally.  He was genuine about it.

We got to talk to his wife as well. She's really sweet. We told her that she deserved a congratulations too because she had to sacrifice a lot for this cause. She said that it was going to be really great to have her husband back, that she hadn't really gotten to talk to him in 50 days.  But you could tell that she knew that the sacrifice would be worth it. 

This family was so humble and genuine. They were welcoming to everyone and they were grateful for the support they had.  

The Iron Cowboy might be done with this ride, but he's not stopping the journey here.  He plans to speak in schools and corporations about obesity and how to raise healthier kids.

This is a cause that I completely support.  I try to teach my kids through example about a healthy lifestyle. I try to get them outside to play every day instead of letting them veg out in front of the TV. We don't have video games in our house, we limit TV and we teach our kids how to have fun and use their imagination.  And hopefully, I can help this cause, even if it's only getting through to my own kids. Hopefully it will spread and people will make those changes.

What causes are you passionate about?

What changes have you tried to make to better your life?

Monday, July 27, 2015

27th Birthday Wishlist

A month from today I will turn 27 years old.  When you're little a lot of kids get excited for their "golden birthday". The birthday that you turn the same age as the day that your birthday is on.  I had to wait 27 years for mine.

I thought it would be easy to come up with what I want for my birthday, but it was much harder than I thought.  First because I don't think I actually need any of this stuff, it would just be nice and fun to have. And second because I'm going on a cruise shortly after my birthday and I feel a little spoiled as it is because of that.

So here are some things that I think would be fun to have. Even if I don't need them or can't afford them at this point in time.

1. A new dress. I have a lot of dresses, but most of them are over 6 years old. It's time for some new ones, I think. Somethings like this:

 or this  or this 

2. A Garmin like this one:

3. New water bottle. My awesome Contigo water bottle broke and I'm kinda sad about it.  It did last for a long time though.

This is my old one. And I loved it, but there are other water bottles out there that I'm sure are just as good. Anyone have a favorite?

4. Spa day. That always sounds nice.

5. A laptop. We've been talking about getting a laptop for a long time.

6. Head phones. I don't really need these, but it would be fun to have a spiffy set of headphones.

7. Lilly Jade bag. I've entered so may of their contests. I wish I would win already!  The thing is...I just can't imagine paying that much for a purse/diaper bag. I mean...$300!

What is on your birthday wish-list?

Whats the most you'd pay for a diaper bag?

Have any birthday ideas for me?

Friday, July 24, 2015

A Post of Pictures from J

This is J, I'm taking over Mommy's blog for the day to give you all the pictures of me and M doing all the fun things this month! Mom say's we can link up with Jenna for this post.

First we got to do a lot of fun things for the 4th of July.  My mom and dad got to go to the Stadium of Fire. Daddy really likes Journey, so Mommy got him tickets for his birthday. While they were at the fireworks, we got to stay at Grandma's house and play with our cousins and do fireworks there. It was way more fun than what Mom and Dad were doing, I think. 

Mommy has a lot of pretty flowers in our yard.  She lets me help take care of them. So I've been doing a lot of gardening lately. 

We like to play "camping" while Mommy tries to do chores around the house. I tuck M into her sleeping bag and then we pretend to sleep. 

Mommy's been working really hard on her running.  Sometimes she lets me come do a warm up jog around the block with her.  I like to run really fast. And sometimes we see really cool things on our runs. 

Like the other day, we saw this really cool double rainbow on our run.  I love rainbows because I love all colors, but my favorite color is green or purple. 

Sometimes we go to the clubhouse with Mommy and Daddy so they can work out.  I like to make trains with the weights, but M just likes to let the fan blow on her. 

M's favorite thing to do is to climb inside things. Even when we are trying to unpack or something, she sits in the suit case. I think it's funny.

We play at the splash pad with our cousins sometimes. I really like the splash pad and so does M.  My mom got a funny picture or M getting sprayed right in the face. M loves water and so do I. 

Other times we just play at home. We take turns getting rides on Mom's back. 

My mom's Grandpa Lindsay died. It was sad, but I'm still learning and trying to understand about all of that.  Mom talked more about that HERE and HERE.

Our stuffed animals weren't feeling well. So we took them to the teddy bear clinic at the hospital.  Tally (my dog) is recovering really well.  It was a lot of work to get her better, but it was kind of fun too. 

M is almost 2 years old. And mom says she's hit the terrible twos. I'm not sure what that means, but sometimes M throws a lot of tantrums. Like when Mom tried to wrap a paper towel around the popsicle stick on her melting creamy.  We ended up having to just throw it away because she started screaming so much she wouldn't eat it.  

Mostly, though, we try to just pack in as much fun as we can during the summer. We went to feed the ducks and explore the park near by the pond. I love being with my cousins. 

Thats about it for our month. What about yours?

What's your favorite color?

Do you have any cousins living by you?

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Stretching and Getting Ready for the Iron Cowboy

Monday I skipped my morning gym class in order to do my long run that night.  I needed the rest of the week to do small runs and rest up before the Iron Cowboy comes home to Utah for his final Ironman distance triathlon. The plan is for me and Trev to run the marathon part of it with him.  If that actually happens, we will see on Saturday.

I planned to run 15 miles. And I was doing it all on the treadmill. The only reason I chose to do it all on the treadmill was just because I tend to have a hard time pacing myself outside. And if I want to go that far, I need to pace myself really slowly. The only way I knew that would happen the whole run is if I did that on the treadmill where I can control the pace. 

So I started out with stretching, like a good little runner should. I always forget to stretch, or just skip it because I feel like it takes too much time. You should never skip stretching though! That's how people get injured.

Last time I did a long run like this, it really hurt my hips and feet. So I made sure to stretch those. 

This is a good one for hip flexors, thighs and calfs all at the same time. Heres how to do it: Take a big step backwards, slightly bend your knees and rotate your pelvis forward a little bit until you feel a stretch. Hold it there for a few seconds and then do it with the other leg.  
Hip flexors are not fun to pull. I know that from experience. So stretch.

After I was all stretched I decided I'd better not waste any more time and get going. This was my view for the next 3 1/2 hours.

Because it's been several years since I've run like this, I called my cousin (the one I ran with in THIS race) for a little long distance advice. She does these things a lot more often than I do at this point. She told me when she runs marathons she plans to stop every 3 miles for water, 6 miles for gatorade and she eats half a banana every 6 miles as well.  The banana is not only fuel for you to keep going, but it also helps with cramping. I get a lot of cramping now in my legs when I get past 10 miles. So I took all my gear with me. 

Lucky for me, The Avengers was on for most of my run. That helped me keep my mind of the pain.  At my 7 mile mark, my sister in law showed up at the club house (we live around the block from each other, and I love it). I was so glad to see her. It gave me someone to talk to and to keep me going longer.  

The pace was slow enough that I never really felt tired. I could carry on a conversation just fine. But once my sister in law left the pain started to set in. So I ate some of the banana and it helped hold me off again. Then my sister showed up. I had told her that I was running so she decided to come with me. Thank heaven, because by this point my legs felt like they were going to fall off.  When she left, I had 3 miles left in this long run. I stopped and ate another piece of banana, took some gatorade and while I was eating it, I made sure to stretch a little more. That helped again, but not as much as before. 

I know I definitely went into these long training runs way too quickly. And normally I would take much more time to add that many miles on to my runs. But I really wanted to feel like I could run at least the half marathon with James (Iron Cowboy).  

I do NOT recommend adding that many miles on all at once to anyone!  I know my body and I know when to stop. I've been doing this for a long, long time. But you can get very hurt by adding that many miles on all at once. So again, don't hurt yourself. Listen to your body and take breaks when needed. 

For those of you who live in Utah, and aren't doing much Saturday afternoon/evening around 7PM, come out to Thanksgiving Point and run the 5k with James! It's his last event, his 50th Ironman distance tri. Come support him in spreading the word about childhood obesity and have a great time. 

What is the furthest you have been running lately?

What are your favorite stretches to do?

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Hero's Funeral

I've been struggling with what to write lately.  I've been doing a lot of processing and working through the emotions of losing a loved one.  I don't like to share the sadness or the struggle I have with death with all of you. I feel like it makes me seem that I'm dwelling on it. Or that I am being overly dramatic. And I hope you can all forgive me and offer a little leeway on these kinds of posts.

The funeral was beautiful.  It was a really special experience to go to a funeral of a retired fireman and veteran.  It was hard. But it was amazing.

Going into the viewing I cried before I made it in the door. The honor guard were there, standing watch as we entered the room and standing next to the casket.  I gathered myself together and waited through the receiving line.

This is always the hardest part for me. You know it's them, but it's not really them.  There is clearly something missing.  I'm grateful to know that, that something is his spirit and that his spirit lives on.

After getting to the casket, I walked past the honor guard to my dad. Where I break down again.  Trevon's a great support and took care of the girls while I had my cry.  He had even helped me explain to them what would be happening at the viewing.  I didn't know what to say to them and I didn't want to do that alone.

The next day we have the funeral. Which is also hard. There's a lot of crying because I can't ever hold it together at funerals. My dad speaks and so does the bishop.  My mom, aunts, cousins and my sister and I sing.  Then it's time for us to move on to the cemetery where I've been asked to take pictures.

I knew that Grandpa would have a fireman's funeral but I didn't know everything that went into that. After we get some pictures of the firetruck and hearse coming through "Heaven's Gate" (formed by the fire trucks ladders) we move to the grave site. When I get out of the car I'm a little overwhelmed when I hear bagpipes. Then I remember Grandpa saying to me "Just don't let them play bagpipes at my funeral." -Great, he's cringing right now. - (Later I learned that the bagpipes where how my grandma wanted it. And I felt better about it because I knew that they would be working that whole thing out together up there).

Watching my brothers and cousins carry the casket and laying it down where his body will rest for now, and I'm crying again. It's hard for me to see these guys, that I grew up knowing were strong and brave, emotional.

They fold the flag that was placed on his casket and present it to my aunts, uncle and mom.

There's a 21 gun salute and they play Taps.  Then they give my grandpa his last call. "Gean Lindsay was a loving  husband a father. A dedicated Firefighter who had served the citizens of Provo City for 26 years. He will be remembered for his many acts of kindness and service. Provo Fire Rescues offer last call for Gean Sheldon Lindsay, although you are gone, you will not be forgotten."

Then it's time to say our last goodbyes.  The pallbearers place their corsages on the casket and we slowly leave the cemetery. 

After experiencing this funeral, I quietly went back to my daily routine. But I was soon bothered by a lot of things that people have been saying about heros and courage.  I don't want to get too much into that because I don't feel that I want this blog to be a place for people to argue or to push their beliefs or opinions on others.

But I will say this. Changing your gender, your sexual orientation, or stating that you are a certain ethnic group just because you feel your a part of them does NOT make you a hero. It doesn't show that you have any greater amount of courage.

Courage has nothing to do with being selfish or self centered.  Courage is about sacrifice.  It's about standing up for your beliefs. It's about doing what is right, not what is popular.

My grandpa was a hero. My grandpa stood for the right.  He always thought of others first. He was a fireman, it was his job. But it was also who he was.

How many grandparents do you have left?

Whats your favorite memory of your grandpa?