Friday, June 19, 2015


Summer is in full swing around here. We have had a lot of really fun things this last week and I wanted to share them with you guys.

Starting out with last weekend.  It was my family reunion on my dad's side. Or at least one of the family reunions. We have another one for his side coming up in July. But, this was the Banks reunion.  We loaded the girls up in the car first thing in the morning and headed up to the cabin.  This is a place I love! I've grown up knowing it as a second home and our own little get away.

I love that my dad will play tea party with the girls. 

We let the girls just run around and play all morning. Parachute, swings, hikes, tea party, you name it. We had to call it good around lunch time, and headed home so that the girls could have quiet time before we left the house again.

During quiet time I did a fun little speed work out at our club house. I'll share that with you soon.  Then to refuel I shared a nice chocolate pudding with J.

Then, we loaded the girls up again to take them on some more hikes.  We went up to Bridal Veil Falls. It's a pretty easy hike for kids because it's all paved, but it was a fun, quick family hike for us. Trevon and I talked about how we miss being so active and decided we need to do stuff like that more often.

We let the girls splash in the shallow water a little bit before we headed back to the car.

Monday was back to our regular routine. Except that we added a few things in there. Gym in the morning. (Hello six minute hover squats. My legs were crazy sore.)  Laundry and grocery shopping. On the way to the grocery store I realized I washed my shorts with suckers in them. I said a quick prayer that it wouldn't ruin them.

My mom called to see if J wanted to go play at her house for a little while. She did. But so did M, and she was not happy that she had to come to the store with me.  We had a really fussy shopping trip. So much that I decided a little treat for myself was necessary. Lucky for me, I had a coupon for a free drink at sonic.

After taking the groceries home, we decided a swim would be nice. So opted for a late quiet time and took a nice afternoon swim. It wiped the girls out. So we came home, had quiet time, made dinner. And then it was back to business with the fun things.

Otter Pops are a must for the girls after swimming. 

For family night we went to watch the flag retirement ceremony at the Provo Maceys. We also got an ice cream cone. The girls loved running around with their flags. But we didn't get to stay long because M's schedule was all messed up and she was not happy about it. It was time for bed!

It was a fun, and very busy weekend, and I don't think it will slow down much all summer. Thats one thing that I love about summer though, there is always something fun for families to do. Theres lots of outside time, swimming, playing, and all kinds of parties and festivals.

What's your favorite thing to do in the summer time? 

Do you like to be busy or have a full day of nothing planned?

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