Thursday, June 11, 2015

Long, Hill Runs

Today I decided that it was time for a longer run. And by longer I mean, longer than 3 miles. I'm still working on getting my milage back up to the bigger numbers.

(look at my new shoes. I love them!)

Almost all of my runs have at least one big hill in it. I live all around hills so I should be used to running them. Today's run felt really hard for me today though.

I wanted to take it a little slower than normal. Not every run should be your fastest and hardest pace. So I took it easy on the speed, but it felt like the run would never end, and it was a little harder to breath today. I hate it when that happens. It makes my mind start thinking weak things.

Got done with the run today, though, and noticed that it was four and a half miles, not 4 miles. Not a big difference, but it's always fun to see it was just a little more than you planned on. Every little bit counts.

These views though, they make all those hills worth it! 

How do you track your miles? (I use mapmyrun)

What is a "long run" for you these days?

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