Friday, June 26, 2015

A Month of Pictures

For my little update this month on the Coffee date link up from Jenna, I wanted to do a month of pictures.  I can't believe how fast June has gone by...What?

This happens quite often when the girls are anxious to have Daddy come home from work, they wait at the window. 

I got these great new running shoes. I love getting new running shoes. 

Getting together with the girls to plan our trip to Zions. We all love ice cream, so that's kind of a must in these situations. 

Sometimes I get back from my run and this little one thinks she should still be awake. So we snuggle on the couch and watch Fixer Upper for a little while before we try to go to bed again. 

We spend a lot of time in the car during the summer. We always like to stay busy. Why stay inside all day when it's nice weather out and there's so much to do?

This was probably my favorite thing about June.  Our trip to Zions was a so much fun. Can not wait to go back!  I have some very pretty cousins.

My flowers are doing fantastic in my yard this year. This daylily was HUGE.  Some how this plant got really big and my flowers look amazing. 

And these ones finally started to look good too. They struggled for a little while. 

We do a lot of playing outside lately. Working out, playing in the water...basically anything we can do to get out some of our energy. 

These sunsets are amazing! This is one of my favorite things about running in the evening. 

We are trying to go hiking as a family more often. Last time we went to Bridal Veil Falls and let the girls splash in the water before heading back down. 

What have you done so far this summer?

Any summer goals?


  1. I love this idea of doing a monthly review in photos! Looks like you guys have had some fun stuff going on. Your flowers are beautiful!

  2. That first picture of the girls waiting for their Daddy just warms my heart so much.

  3. They are sweeties. They love when daddy comes home.

  4. The picture of the girls waiting for their Dad to get home is super adorable! Looks like June has been a good month for you and your precious family! I can't believe June is already almost over either.

    1. Thank you. It really is one of my favorite parts of the day.

  5. It looks like you've had a great month! Those flowers are so pretty!