Thursday, January 1, 2015

My 2015 Goals

Happy New Year, I hope you all had a fun, safe holiday. We had a very quiet holiday at home. Our furnace and car were both having problems so we spent the day fixing them.  Then, by night, we were worn out enough to put the kids to bed and relax for the rest of the evening.

I'm not one for new years resolutions. I think it's mostly just the word "resolution".  It feels so much more definite than a goal. A goal a desired result that you work towards. It gives you a little wiggle room so that if you miss a day or mess up once, you can try again. I feel like thats one reason people don't keep resolutions, if they mess up they feel they can't go back.
So anyway, this year I'm not making resolutions, I'm making a few goals to work towards in hopes that next year I will be better in these areas of life.

First, I've been an avid runner since I was twelve. After having kids, I got back into "race shape" and did really well in a couple of races. Then in September I was diagnosed with onset asthma. Boo to that. I had an allergic reaction to something and that's what set it off. So since then I haven't run more than a mile and a half. Which is still good, but it won't get me doing any races. So my first goal this year is to get back into "race shape". I want to find a fun 5k that has a good cause and run in it.
I know a lot of people have goals for getting in shape. If you want to be a runner, like me, I'll be posting tips and results and what not for running, so stay tuned.

My next goal this year is to build this little blog. I only started a couple of months ago, and I feel like things are going well. I'm enjoying sharing my thoughts and ideas. And I really enjoy when I get your comments back and hear your ideas. I love making new friends through this blog.  I hope everyone will help me grow this blog. I'm going to be working on doing more scheduled post and possibly some give aways and other things. So I hope those of you who are regular readers will enjoy coming back and bringing your friends with you.

My last goal for 2015 is to be more content. I have a hard time when I don't feel like I'm making progress. When I get stuck in a rut like that I start to panic and find some kind of new hobby or think about going back to school or getting a job. The truth is that I do love being a stay at home mom. And I've never liked the idea of sending my kids to a day care while I go to work. That's just the way I am. I have huge trust issues and all. Any way, I'm going to work on being happier with where I am in life and not feel like I'm so far behind or in such a hard spot. Because I think that there are hard things no matter what part of life you're in.

Share with me what your goals and resolutions are. Or if you have tips to help me along the way with my goals, please share those too!

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