Monday, January 5, 2015

Goal Setting: keeping your goals

Do any of you have a hard time sticking to goals once you have made them? It's easy to say you have a goal to do something, but it's a totally different thing to actually make it to your goal. Today I'm going to share a few tips on goal setting and keeping. So lets jump right in.

1. Reminders:  One thing that helps me remember my goals is to put sticky notes up with encouraging things written on them.  That way, when I'm feeling a little weak in what ever area I'm working in, I see a sticky note and it reminds me to keep at it. 

2. Tell someone: I know that if I tell Trev or one of my cousins or someone about a goal that I have, I'm way more likely to follow through because I'm more accountable for it. One thing I do when I'm planning on going running in the morning, is put my running clothes and shoes out so I can see them, and Trevon can see them. I'm more likely to actually go running that way because Trevon knows, the night before, that I'm going to go. And if I don't go, he's going to ask me about it. I'm also a pretty competitive person, and pretty stubborn. So if I tell someone that I have a goal to run a race or to make a quilt or, anything else really, I can't not do it and then have them bring it up. I have to prove that I followed through with things. 
Telling people also gives you cheerleaders. The more you tell, the more people you have that will celebrate with you when you reach the goal. It might also encourage others to join you. I had a goal of running a half marathon, I told my cousin and she wanted to do it too. So for a summer we worked together, we ran at least once a day until we could run far enough that we felt confident entering. We ended up running much more than a half marathon, but thats a story for another day. 

3. Incentives: Give yourself one incentive for each goal you accomplish. Just like your boss would give you an incentive for making a goal at work, or the incentive you gave your 3 year old for pooping on the toilet, give yourself something for all the work you're putting into you goal. For me, the incentive for running is that I will buy myself a new pair of running shorts. (Mine are all pretty old and getting worn out) but I have to prove to myself that i deserve them first. 

4. Start small:  Don't burn yourself out. In high school I did this way too often. I'd injure myself because I'd push to hard for too long and not listen to my body. I think this is the same with anything though, not just running or sports. My goal for growing my blog isn't going to get my anywhere if I only focus on the big things first. I have to focus on getting more readers, comments, etc before I can have a goal of making money or anything like that on for the blog.  If I focused only on the money I'd be too overwhelmed to think about what kind of content my readers will enjoy. (Since that's what matters anyway). 

5. Big picture: When you start to get discouraged, remind yourself to step back and remember why you made this goal in the first place. It's ok to have a few off days here and there, but don't lose sight of what you're working for. When there is a set back, pick back up where you started and push through it.

What do you do to help you or your children keep on track with your goals?

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