Friday, January 16, 2015

11 kid approved activities

When it's bad weather and you have run out of things to entertain your kids with, what do you do? This time of year, it's a pretty frequent thing that this happens. They get board of the same toys. They only last so long doing the same things. The start to do things they know are no-no's because they have nothing else to do and they get restless. And so does Mom.
 Some days, my kids burn through all of our fun inside ideas so fast that by 11:00, they are ready for lunch. It's too cold and wet to go out and play for very long. So we came up with a few, fresh ideas that we don't do very often.

  • Throw a toy a birthday party: This is a fun one. We don't do it very often, but when we do it's always a special day. I let my daughter pick out which toy's "birthday" it is. We make a special treat. I let her help me plan one fun thing to do for the party. Most of the time, it's watch an extra movie. I usually try to have her pick out of short movies just because I don't like her watching a lot of TV and movies have become her quiet time activity as well. Sometimes we even decorate and make party hats. 

  • Make a collage together: This can be a mess, and more work than others. But it's fun to let them pick out the pictures, you do the cutting and help glue and then they can put their picture on the fridge or in their room. For holidays, it might even be fun to frame it and have it as part of your decorations. 

  • Pull out old toys: Whether it's a toy that they haven't played with in a while or one of your old toys that you still have, this is a big hit. It's like Christmas all over for them. I have a few dolls and toys that were mine when I was little that are still in really good condition. I make sure to remind the girls that these are Mommy's very special toys and they have to be careful with them. And most of the time they are. If they start to get too rough with them, they know the toys will be taken away. 

  • Dance: Sometimes we all just need to get moving. I have a ton of kid music that I got growing up. There are nursery rhymes, abc's, songs about tying your shoes, you name it. There's even a song about cleaning up called "gunny bag". My girls love to dance and be silly to them. And it's good exercise. But even if you don't have kid music, look some up on your phone. Find a disney station on Pandora or Spodify and listen to that for a little while. Kids love music that they recognize! 

  • Bake: Let them be messy. Teach them how to make something simple. Then take it to a neighbor and doorbell ditch your treats. It teaches kids some really good lessons on serving others. As well as a home making skill that they can use their whole lives. (I have to admit, it stresses me out to bake with my kids. Even to have them help with dinner. I worry about things not turning out right or about the big mess I'll have to clean up. That being said, I know it's a good skill to learn, so I try to grit my teeth and go with it.)
  • Clean: Kind of like baking, cleaning is a skill that everyone needs to have. And who doesn't want help cleaning the house? Find easy chores for the kids to do and have them go at it. Don't worry if it's not being done perfectly. They are still learning. My daughter loves to wipe down the walls and to dust. So while I'm vacuuming the floor or cleaning the bathroom, she gets a Lysol wipe or a squirt bottle with water in it and a rag, and she goes to town. She would do that all day if I'd let her. 
  • Teach them something new: Turn an "I'm bored" moment into a learning moment. My daughter has always loved learning her letters. So when we have nothing else to do, I pull out some paper and write letters on it and have her trace them. Sometimes she does really good and sometimes she needs more help. But it's always good to keep her busy and teach her that learning can be fun. Hopefully, she will learn that before she starts school so that she's excited about starting school. 
  • Read-a-thon: This works better with older kids. Remember those days at school when we could go in PJs and a snack and read for the last hour or so of school? My sister and I used to make tents out or our beds and blankets and we would have read-a-thons at home. My girls don't ready yet, but I can read to them. Or they can look at their favorite books while I get a little reading of my own in. 
  • Bubble bath: When we are having a really slow day and it's cold out side, I let them just get in the bath. It feels nice, it warms them up, it kills some time, and I don't have to do it before bed. 
  • Exercise: Hold an exercise class for your kids. Turn on some upbeat music and teach them how to do jumping jacks, push ups, sit ups, run in place, stretch, anything you can think of. It's a good thing for kids to learn. Exercising is so good for kids, and since they can't go out and run around, it's a good way to get their energy out. 
  • Kids spa day: Give your girls a pedicure. Give the boys a foot rub. Rub them up with lotion, paint their toes, give them a hand massage. Make them feel relaxed, just like you would feel at the spa. (wouldn't that be nice right now?) 

These are just a few of the things we like to do when we have nothing else to do. What are some of your go-to's when your kids get restless and bored?  Everyone could use some more ideas, so share away! 

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  1. I'm not a mom nor am I even married yet, but I always enjoy reading posts like this! I think the exercise class is a fun idea and a great way for you to get in a workout!

    1. Thank you. It's always fun to watch them try to copy what I'm doing. And it's a great way for everyone to get moving.