Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Highlights 2014

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas. Ours was fantastic. Here are a few highlights from Christmas week.

Sunday night we went to my mom's family party. We had dinner and Santa came. The expression on J's face when he walked in was amazing. She had no idea what to think. But when he called her name, she ran up and sat right down and told him just what she wanted.

We finished our Christmas shopping on Monday and which was really nice to get done even though it was only stocking stuffers that we had left.

On Tuesday night, we watched Polar Express as a family. We had hot chocolate and snuggled up in our PJs on the couch for some great, fun family time. When the girls were in bed, Trevon went up to work on the doll house and I finished working on the quiet book. My sister came down and we watched a movie and wrapped presents.

Christmas eve was so fun and so busy. Trevon had the day off so in the morning we went and got M a new car seat because hers just wasn't going to work any more. We ended up adding it to her Christmas gifts. Then Trevon took the girls home for lunch and quiet time while I went up to do the last finishing touches of the doll house. Finally! It was quiet the project but it was so worth it. Trevon's mom had her Christmas party that night. So we gathered at her tiny, cozy place for dinner and gifts. We got spoiled again. We got a fun family night gift from his sister and her husband, and then hand made scarfs from his mom. The girls got clothes and books and dolls....we have some great family. Then we went over to my grandma's house to let the girls do the nativity. M was a lamb and J was an angel. She just loved "baby Jesus".  The girls were tired and ready for bed after that so we let them open their Christmas jammies and put them in bed.

 J is the one in the polka dots.
 (sorry for the phone pictures. I didn't take my nice camera to the party...and I didn't get it out until Christmas morning. I also haven't looked at those pictures on my part.)

Christmas morning was perfect. After a full winter with no snow, We woke up to about four inches! and It kept snowing all day long. It was beautiful. We took the girls down to see what Santa brought and J's reaction to the doll house was amazing. She was so excited that she got her "shiny blue dollhouse" M is still a little young to catch on to the Christmas gifts stuff but she was glad to open anything we gave her and play with it. They were both very entertained all day. Oh, and I got my sewing machine! I'm so excited to start using it. Time for some new projects. And Trevon got shoes and a watch.

I love how it turned out.  It was a lot of work but it was worth it.  

We went over to Trevon's dad's house that morning for brunch. The girls got lots of more fun things. And Trevon and I got some great stuff too. Then it was nice to just relax and let the girls play and nap for a few hours. I even got a little nap, that never happens.
That night we went to my parents house for Christmas dinner. So much yummy food. I love food. My brother and his family, who live in Ohio, were able to face-time us and it was fun to see what they got for Christmas and to visit with them. We've always been a pretty close family so it's hard when one of us is gone. We were sad they weren't able to come out for Christmas but we were glad we got to spend time chatting with them. We did gifts after dinner and got spoiled again. Trevon and I got a really nice new vacuum which was needed. Our started to suck...haha get it? Anyway, the girls got some more little toys and I think we are set on what we needed and wanted. In fact, I think Jay got just about everything on her list.

Now we are having a day of relaxing and cleaning out what we don't need anymore. J is loving the snow, and trying all her new toys. M is just doing her laps and checking things out.

I'm so glad that I could do this link up with Jenna from Dearest Love. What are your Christmas highlights this year? Or how did Christmas go wrong? I hope it was just as good as ours.


  1. It sounds like your family had a wonderful Christmas! That doll house is beautiful.

  2. Your Christmas sounds wonderful! Your girls are precious. :)
    Thanks so much for linking up for the coffee date!