Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 review

2014 is almost over. It's been a great year with a lot of ups and a few downs. I was making a list earlier of all the highlights and low lights of 2014 and I could honestly only think of one big lowlight. I felt so blessed that I could only think of those. What a great year we have had.

In March I ran a race with the pink series. It was my first race in years. I had a few connections and got signed up for the race through them and I got first in my age group and 6th overall. It was a super easy corse and a really fun race to run. I would highly recommend that race to anyone.
That kind of gave me the racing bug again. We signed up for the Run to Walk race a month later. As we got ready to run that race, we realized that it was founded by a family in our ward who had a daughter we taught in sunday school. That made this race that much more special. We had a blast running it and did pretty well again.

This year we can also say we got J fully potty trained. It took a full year to do it. She's a pretty strong willed child. She was showing signs of being ready before our M joined our family but we didn't start until after she was born. Even though she was showing signs, she didn't want to do it until it was her idea. So my tip for potty training: Don't even start until they are ready to do it. Other wise it will take way more time and energy. We tried absolutely everything on pinterest before she decided it was ok to poop on the toilet.

Trevon and I had our 5th anniversary. We left for the weekend while his mom watched our girls. We spent the night in Park City and it was so fun. That's where we went on out honeymoon so it was fun to go back and do some of the same things. We went on the Alpine slide and the Alpine roller coaster. If you live in Utah, and have never been on either of those, you should plan to go when they open again. We also went to a movie and then before we came home the next day we went and got an hour massage which was amazing. So luck you to have Trevon in my life. He's the best dad and husband. He works so hard to provide and support our family.

M turned one! I can't believe she's getting so big. What a sweet little thing she is. She's getting such a cute little personality and we love her so much.

I started this blog in October right after we got back from our anniversary trip. I never thought I'd get into blogging and I have been so shocked and happy with how much I enjoy blogging. I love getting comments from others sharing their thoughts. I love reading other people's blogs and meeting new people through them. So thanks to all of you who read this little blog.

The only Low I could think of is that in September, after  two weeks of not being able to breathe, I went to the doctor and got diagnosed with onset asthma...great, since then I haven't been able to run more than a mile and a half with out stopping. One of my goals for the new year is to get back into race shape. It's going to be hard work but I'm going to do it and asthma won't stop me!

I hope to have an even greater year next year! Thanks for joining me here for 2014.

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